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The story of Towne Park began nearly 30 years ago, with a one-man valet operation at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel. Today, we are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in the expert management and delivery of complex parking and hospitality services, for premier hotel brands and healthcare facilities across the country.

With over 13,000+ employees bringing their commitment to a culture of service to markets nationwide, we are always listening, collaborating and executing on innovative solutions for clients. Through our tailored solutions, we empower our partners to enhance their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and give them the edge over their competitors.

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With decades of collective experience, Towne Park leadership drives the delivery of innovative solutions across the country.



You might be surprised to learn that we spend most of our time at Towne Park talking about people, not about parking cars.

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Over the years, we have been recognized by our clients, partners and peers for our commitment to exceptional service delivery.

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Community Impact

At Towne Park, we are always focused on how we can positively impact the world around us, as well as in our communities.



The story of Towne Park began nearly 30 years ago, with a one-man valet operation at a single hotel property in Annapolis, Maryland.


Clients We Serve

Our diverse client base includes resorts, national healthcare systems, restaurants, casinos and everything in between.