Managing Delays, Productivity and Satisfaction

Transporting your patients from point A to point B can present a myriad of challenges for your healthcare facility, if they are not being managed properly. Patient flow delays and process inefficiencies can result in your nurses having less time available to provide clinical care, lowered patient satisfaction scores due to prolonged wait times, as well as lost opportunities for inpatient revenue and reduced staffing costs.

In order to keep pace in what is becoming an increasingly competitive modern healthcare market, you need a strategic partner who can meet your objectives with tailored patient transport solutions that provide you with immediate and ongoing improvements to your patient flow and efficiency.

We’re Your Patient Flow Experts

With Towne Health on your side managing patient transport, we identify and optimize underutilized resources, leverage technology to empower your system to work smarter (not harder), and pinpoint opportunities for improvement through key metrics reporting. We also only recruit and screen for only the most qualified and driven associates, using enterprise-level Human Resource Information Systems.

However, we understand even the most efficient processes mean nothing if the experience of your patients isn’t a priority. That’s why we have implemented a proven approach to improve HCAHPS by optimizing throughput, managing delays and focusing on patient satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Working with Towne Health

Our internal patient logistics centers, inpatient discharge escorts and outpatient wheelchair services can support your hospital in the following ways:

  • Provide immediate and ongoing improvements to patient flow and staff productivity
  • Reduce inpatient access delays and reduce bed turnover times
  • Free up nurses’ time to reduce incidences of decubitus (bed sores) and increase the number of patient discharges before noon
  • Increase post-discharge follow-up calls and reduce re-admissions
  • Increase meaningful use of patient portals while improving HCAHPS scores

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