2014 Valentine Memorial Scholarship Awarded to Sam Skidmore!

Sam Skidmore

Sam Skidmore receiving the scholarship from Atlanta Area Manager Michael Brown

Guest Post by Jackie Harris Harrell, Director, Training

Up, up and away! Sam Skidmore, 2014 Valentine Memorial Scholarship recipient, wasn’t dreaming — he was planning — when he said “…this scholarship will actually allow me to save money for my pilot license.” Having a pilot license makes perfect sense to propel the career of this Georgia Tech, Aerospace and Aeronautical major. Sam has been parking vehicles for Towne Park in Atlanta since 2012 and we are convinced that after parking cars the natural next step is parking aircraft, rotorcraft and spacecraft!

The Foundation, a 501© non-profit organization, provides the Valentine Memorial Scholarship to one student – a Towne Park employee or immediate family member – that’s renewable for up to four years. With assistance from Educational Testing Service’s Scholarship and Recognition Programs, The Foundation selects the winner by assessing applicants’ financial need, academic standing and their embodiment of the ideal Valentine scholar.

In true Towne Park fashion, Atlanta Area Manager Michael Brown organized a dinner party to celebrate the winning news! Michael offered that Sam is “a great young man and [I] honestly cannot think of someone more deserving.” Sam almost cried and gave hugs and high fives when he heard the news. Michael came close to having to send Sam home to get himself together.

Sam serves as a GSA at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown and as an intern for Delta TechOps while attending Georgia Tech full-time. He’s also involved in volunteer activities during the little spare time he can find. Ali Abbasikhalaf, Renaissance Account Manager, and Assistant Account Manager Joshua Hunter attended the celebration along with Southeast Region Human Resources Manager Wendy Somerset Webb and Kevin Libersat, Regional Trainer. The dinner with his Towne Park family “put the icing on the cake” for Sam.  At the dinner, Sam discussed his goal of eventually designing aircrafts and will transfer his flight knowledge to his field.

Sam explains, “I want to be a part of the technology that brings safe automated travel for everyone. On a regular basis, I come in contact with numberless people that are too busy to say hello or lend a hand to people they see nearly every day. If I can create an automated mode of personal transportation, then time will open up for more important tasks in life.”

Well, Atlanta, is a perfect place to improve traffic!  Sam is the 6th Valentine Scholar, keeping the focus at Towne Park on developing talent. Good luck and all the very best to Sam Skidmore, 2014 VMS!!  Bob Valentine would be very proud!

To learn more about Bob Valentine, The Valentine Memorial Scholarship and The Foundation, please visit www.thefoundationwebsite.org.

About The Foundation

The Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was founded in 2004 (originally as The Check Foundation) to serve and support the communities in which Towne Park associates live and work.

The Foundation has little administrative or overhead costs.  Nearly 100% of the funds raised go back into our communities and support our scholarship program.  The Foundation is led by dedicated volunteers and the Board of Directors.


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