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Creating Smiles by Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Hospitality is a people-driven industry. Delivering meaningful and memorable experiences that exceed expectations requires more than a simple interaction, it requires a passion and commitment for service to others.

At Towne Park, our mission is to provide the best experience where people work, live, play and recover, delivered by the best team, powered by innovative technology, enhancing lives and communities.

We provide the best experience by hiring, training, and developing the best service team members and provide opportunities so they can grow their skills and build their career. The service our teams deliver, paired with our innovative technology solutions, allows us to provide a differentiated experience.

For us, a differentiated exceptional experience is one that surprises and delights, or what we call a WOW experience. Our teams create hundreds of WOW moments every day, and these moments add up to exceptional experiences.

Every person matters. Every hello, every smile, and every helping hand makes a difference. It’s the small gestures that make a memorable impression. It’s gracious service and the extra attention to details that delight a customer or a client and make someone’s day brighter. 

We know we have made an impact when we create smiles.

And that’s our purpose at Towne Park, to create smiles by delivering exceptional experiences.

It’s why we do what we do. WOW is what we deliver, smiles are the impact we make. This is the Power of WOW!

Smiles amount to more at Towne Park.

We’re a team that cares as much about every individual we interact with as we do each other.

Every location is different, but all want the same: consistently excellent service delivered with care. We’re passionate about making it a reality by providing you with a team that feels like an extension of your own, plus solutions and technology that are seamless and create a sense of ease, comfort, and care — enhancing your brand.

Part of caring for others is making safety a priority, every day and everywhere.

Exceptional experiences begin with an environment that is safe. Our Safety First culture makes operating safely a personal commitment for each one of us.

Ensuring a safe environment is all of our responsibility. The Towne Park Safety First Commitment sets the expectation that we all make safety the number one priority in everything we do…every day, everywhere, and by everyone. Our teams are trained and certified in our Safety First practices, and we regularly review our program to ensure we are continuously improving the quality of our services and our ability to operate with the highest level of care.

When our teams have a WOW experience at work, they wow you and the people you care for.

We feel empowered to make Towne Park the place our teams want to come to work and stay. 

This is a place where each team member makes an impact on every individual they interact with while also making a difference in their own careers. Our teams feel confident in their future, with a clear path to succeed and grow. We offer ongoing training and advancement opportunities to develop our teams and support their goals, plus innovative, flexible opportunities to meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

We don’t think this is exceptional. We believe it’s the way it should be—simply taking good care of people.

Now that’s good service.

Our Core Values

At Towne Park, our Core Values serve as our foundation and a reminder that how we operate and behave is just as important as what we do. We treat all team members, clients, customers, and our communities the way we would want to be treated and we uphold the highest standards of professional ethics.

Safety First

The safety of our associates, clients and customers is our first priority.

Integrity Always

We do the right thing, always, even when no one is looking.

Care for People

We take care of each other and support the success of our teams, clients, customers and Towne Park.

Drive to Win

We are determined to win. We strive to be the best and are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are accountable to achieving results together as a team.

Passion to Serve

We are passionate about service and delivering exceptional experiences for all.

Respect for All

We have respect for all and foster a diverse and inclusive environment leveraging different talents, experiences and perspectives to drive innovation and achieve greater results.

How Can We
Be of Service?

Let’s discuss how we can make a difference for you.