It Began in 1988 with a Single Valet

Following his dedicated service in the United States Army, a young and entrepreneurial Jerry South embarked on the next chapter of his life as a hotel valet. Particularly adept at his new, service-oriented career path, Jerry took a chance on himself, believing he could stand-up and manage a valet parking operation of his own. With this idea in mind, he formed Towne Park, and soon after began managing the valet service at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel – formerly the Annapolis Waterfront Marriott.

While passionate about service and ambitious, Jerry never imagined in his wildest dreams that his little valet company, Towne Park, would grow into what it has become today.

Who Is Towne Park Today?

Nearly 30 years later, we boast hundreds of premier healthcare and hospitality partnerships established across the country. And under the visionary leadership of CEO Andrew Kerin, Towne Park is a vibrant, fast-growth company made up of over 13,000+ dedicated and passionate, servant-hearted people, who love to deliver excellent service and engage customers. We pride ourselves on being known for our people, our partnerships, our service, our culture and our profitability.

As it was envisioned from the beginning, Towne Park is still so much more than a parking company. We started with that single hotel valet operation many years ago – now we are a nationally-recognized industry leader in complex parking operations management and valet services. And we will continue to grow, diversify and deploy our talent machine to other industries and sectors outside of our current hospitality and healthcare focus.