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Our Commitment to Racial Equity & Inclusion

The heart and soul of our company and each one of us at Towne Park is our values — our values of respect for all, integrity always and care for others. These values mean that we foster an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and different backgrounds, talents, experiences, and perspectives are appreciated and respected.

Race Equity and Inclusion

We are Committed to Ensuring Racial Equity and Inclusion in Everything We Do.

Consistent with our values, we believe it is our responsibility and our opportunity to continue to do more, make an even greater impact and do what we can to address the issues of race, inequality and bias and do our part to wipe out prejudice or injustice of any kind.

As part of this call to action, we will work to ensure racial equity and inclusion in everything we do, with a dedicated focus on providing greater opportunity for our black, brown and team members of all ethnic backgrounds to succeed and thrive at Towne Park.

We do this through listening and learning, open and honest dialogue, action, and transparency with a commitment to driving organizational and systemic change.

“We have a responsibility to ourselves, our communities, to all people and to future generations to play our part and do what we can to stamp out racism and discrimination and provide every person in America freedom, hope and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

Andrew Kerin, Towne Park CEO

Our Commitment Pillars

We believe it is our responsibility and commitment to support a more just and equitable society for all.  Throughout our journey, we will share our progress, highlight programs and spotlight our people and will continue to evolve and strive to do even better.

Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion

We will ensure a culture of equity and inclusion.

Develop and Retain

Supported, Included & Recognized

We will ensure team members of all ethnic backgrounds feel supported, included and recognized.

Develop and Retain

Develop & Retain

We will develop, elevate and retain black, brown & team members of other ethnic backgrounds.

How Can We
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