Your Professional Development Is Our Priority

We don’t just recruit talent – we are committed to developing our team members. With opportunities for advancement, as well as comprehensive training programs beyond new employee orientation, we empower our employees who are seeking growth and to achieve their full potential as a member of the Towne Park family. Through the programs below, we are proud to have an average of 100 employees a month dedicated to training nationally.

Training Programs Designed for Advancement

Gear Up

Gear Up is an online and on-demand development program targeted toward our entry-level associates who wish to grow into a supervisory position. Upon completion of the curriculum, the associate sits for a panel certification interview to validate knowledge and gain exposure to local leadership. This training program offers hospitality- and healthcare-based versions of this training to best equip our associates for success as they prepare to step into their first leadership role. And as of November 2015, Gear Up celebrated its 1000th graduate in its very first year!

Ascent Training

This 12-week hybrid learning program consists of three unique components, mixing online learning, classroom style instructor-led training, and ongoing “stretch assignments” for the associate to implement in between classes. Through Ascent, our associates gain invaluable knowledge and experience. Upon completion of the program, they are ready to attend a panel certification and start applying to management positions.

Account Manager Training Program (AMTP)

“AMTP” is designed for first time assistant and account managers. Whether internally promoted or externally hired, this curriculum covers everything an account manager would need to know in their first 60 days in the role. Topics include but are not limited to, Towne Park systems, client relations, revenue reconciliation, payroll and roster management, risk mitigation, and employment practices.

Emerging Leaders Program

While similiar to AMTP, the Emerging Leaders Program is designed specifically for recent college graduates interested in pursuing a leadership position. During the nine to twelve month rotational program, participants are mentored by Towne Park’s top leadership and are educated and trained in all facets of the company. After successful completion of this program, they are placed into a leadership role within the organization.