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Interview Process

Before Onsite Interview:

  • Automated email will be sent to candidate outlining Towne Park safe interviewing practices and what to expect (via Workday human resources tool)
  • Candidate is contacted for virtual interview/job preview by the Hiring Manager
  • If selected for an in-person interview, candidate is briefed on any site-specific safety requirement

Day of Onsite Interview:

  • Upon arrival for interview, candidate should call hiring manager. Hiring manager will ask candidate three health screening questions. If candidate passes screening, they will be provided with directions on where to meet and proceed to next step. If candidate does not pass screening, the interview can be rescheduled once 7 days have passed.
  • Conduct interview following established interview safety guidelines outlined below
  • Once an offer is presented, the background and drug screening process begins.

Interview Safety Guidelines

  • All candidates will be asked our health screening questions at the beginning of the in-person interview to ensure candidate and hiring manager health and safety.
  • Candidate and Hiring Manager must wear a mask. If they do not have one, Towne Park will supply a mask.
  • Proper social distancing must be followed, keeping a minimum distance of 6 feet between the hiring manager and the candidate
  • A wave is encouraged versus a handshake
  • The candidate and hiring manager should wash hands before and after the interview. The interview areas will be sanitized including the seat, interview table and door handles
  • All interviews will be scheduled in advance. We are currently not accepting walk in candidates for interviews.

Candidate Screening Questions

To be asked via phone upon candidate arrival for onsite interview

1. To the best of your knowledge, have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks without proper PPE?

2. Have you experienced a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in the last 72 hours (3 days)?

3. Have you exhibited any other symptoms of Covid-19 as defined by the CDC, including chills, shortness of breath, a new cough (not related to a chronic condition) and sore throat in the last 7 days?


Frequently Asked Questions

Can an offer be extended to a candidate based on a strong virtual interview?
No. An offer cannot be made based on a strong virtual interview alone. Hiring managers must meet every applicant in person prior to extending an offer.

What happens during the virtual interview versus the in-person interview?
In the virtual interview, the Hiring Manager will describe the work environment and job duties and responsibilities. If the Candidate confirms interest in the role and displays an initial fit, the Hiring Manager will invite the Candidate for an in-person interview.

The in-person interview will begin with the Hiring Manager asking the Candidate health screening questions. If the Candidate clears the health screening questions, the interview should proceed to include a realistic job preview, further explanation of the position’s duties and responsibilities and a brief overview of our Safe 360™ practices. If the Candidate is a fit for the position, a conditional offer should be presented.

Information regarding employment application and employment notices can be found in the Notices section.