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[caption id="attachment_3004" align="alignright" width="150"]Towne Health's newest Managers who've joined us from Curbside Hospitality A few of our award winning Towne Health managers![/caption] By acquiring select Curbside Hospitality assets, Towne Health knew that not only would it be partnering with more of the best hospitals and medical centers in the country in Advancing the Patient Experience™, but we’d be adding some of the Very Best People in the industry as well. At Towne Health’s recent Regional Summit, many of the former Curbside Managers won several leadership, service and performance awards... proving Towne Health’s confidence in our new teammates correct! Please see below the enlarged photo for the full list of winners.

  Today, Towne Park officially announced the acquisition of greater Los Angeles parking management company, Quality Parking Service, Inc.  This move brings Towne Park’s west coast presence to over 110 accounts and 1,300 plus associates.  The acquisition included considerable event services and commercial parking management accounts. Quality...