Towne Park Culture, Winners of the Valet Olympics


Towne Park is dedicated to a positive company culture. A culture that includes a collaborative and social work environment that nurtures camaraderie. On August 15th, that comradeship included a little friendly competition. Associates from across the country came together in Annapolis, Maryland to compete for the chance to represent Towne Park in this year’s National Parking Association’s Valet Olympics.

The competitors from each group are listed below:

East: Hakeen Harvey (Philadelphia), Mike Evans (Annapolis), Darius Jefferson (Baltimore), Melanie Smith (Baltimore)

Central: Twain Frazier (Ohio), Alex Dunby (Nashville), Carlos Cardenas (Louisville), Melissa Ward (Ohio)

South: Harry Gonzalez (Tampa), Brent Prokopchak (Austin), Jose Calderin (Orlando), Michael Nelson (Orlando)

West: Brian Sorenson (San Fran), Thomas Gareau (Portland), Vineet Kumar (San Fran), Manny Anaya (Central Cal)

Representing Towne Park at National Parking Association’s Valet Olympics in Palm Springs, CA  October 2nd-5th : Brent Prokopchak, Twain Frazier, Alex Dunby, Michael Nelson.

Thank you to all the Service Athletes who competed!  Congratulations and good luck to Brent, Twain, Alex and Michael!



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