Frank Pikus Featured on the Beryl Institute’s Member Spotlight Page

The mission of the Beryl Institute is to be the global community of practice and premier thought leader on improving the patient experience in healthcare.   They have become one of the leading voices in today’s patient experience movement by providing not only thought leadership, but also practical guidance that is helping to shape a new patient-centric model of healthcare delivery across the US and globally.

Using the Beryl Institute’s definition of the patient experience as a guideline,  Executive Vice President of Healthcare Operations Frank Pikus has helped Towne Health become an organization truly focused on Advancing the Patient ExperienceTM.  Frank is honored to be a member of the Beryl Institute, and is featured in this month’s Beryl Institute Patient Experience Monthly publication.

View Frank’s Member Spotlight here.  To learn more about the Beryl Institute, visit To contact Frank, click here.

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