Park and Fly at Econopark Express Baltimore Washington International Airport

VP Steffan Sonneveldt, arms raised in triumph

VP Steffan Sonneveldt, arms raised in triumph

Econopark Express at Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport is the first Park and Fly-only facility in Towne Park history!  As such, we’ll be providing BWI travelers with shuttle service to the airport along with cashier, dispatcher and valet services.

In order to sufficiently manage the 1,250 parking spaces, 14 shuttles and three exit lanes utilized at Econopark Express, we’ve added 30 shuttle drivers, six cashiers and four dispatchers to TP Nation.

Longtime Towne Park stalwart Tim Heath is currently managing the location, along with two new teammates supporting him: transportation manager Kevin Gordon comes to us having just retired after 22 years of service in the United States Army, where he amassed a vast knowledge of transportation and logistics that will be integral to our success at Econopark Express.  Alongside Kevin and Tim is Hope Ludwig, who’ll assist in sales and marketing of the new Park and Fly operation. Hope has worked with Econopark Express for over 8 years, growing the business from infancy to over 28,000 vehicles a month through extensive advertising and marketing strategies that continue to grow the business to over 23,000 frequent parkers.  We’re excited to have both join the team!

Submitted by Tim Heath, Account Manager

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