Hector Rivera Named Mercy Medical Center Account Manager

Hector training Jamal, a GSA at Mercy Medical Center

Hector training Jamal, a GSA at Mercy Medical Center

The Towne Health Mid-Atlantic team is proud to announce Hector Rivera has been promoted to Account Manager at Mercy Medical Center, replacing Andrew White.

A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hector joined Towne Park in October 2011 soon after moving to America and made his presence felt immediately as a GSA and GSC in Baltimore’s Harbor East, and as Assistant Account Manager at Mercy in May of 2012.

As a result of his continued leadership abilities to drive team success, Hector eventually accepted his first Account Manager position a few short months later in November 2012 at the Hampton Inn Camden Yards.  Following the Hampton Inn, Hector worked wherever he was needed around  Baltimore, making significant service, training and financial strides wherever he went.  Despite a love for hospitality and commercial parking, Hector has a real passion for healthcare and is excited to come home to Mercy in his new role.

Hector, a member of the Navy, is a shining example of the importance of hiring the right people and developing them, combined with how far an associate’s hard work and dedication can take them.  With that mixture, anything is possible!

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