Maximizing Value of Commercial Parking Assets

All profitable commercial parking garage operations have one thing in common – they are expertly run by an experienced team with the proven ability to yield manage the parking garage, design custom plans for space optimization and drive margins through the pursuit of outside revenue opportunities.

With nearly 30 years of experience in managing commercial parking garages, we will work with you to design a plan that best maximizes the value of your commercial parking asset.

Towne Park Commercial Parking Solutions

Development of Parking Department Pro Forma

With our knowledge and experience of parking garage performance, we can build projected annual revenue scenarios quickly and accurately.

Equipment Financing

Use our balance sheet, not yours.

Equipment Lay-out, Design and Specification Development

We leverage our relationships with equipment vendors to select the best equipment for you, at the right price.

Equipment Project Installation and Revenue Reporting

We serve as the liaison who can speak the language of both the garage management team and equipment vendor. We help you know what to ask for in daily, weekly and monthly revenue and equipment management reports.

Transition to a Paid Parking Environment

The transition is never easy. We ensure your commercial parking garage team knows what to expect, with clear guidance on how to minimize negative impacts during this period of transition.

Post Equipment Go-Live

We guide your commercial parking garage in its preparation for any transition issues, leading to a reduction in equipment downtime. This results in improved lift and equipment ROI.

SOP Manual

We develop and provide a comprehensive manual outlining the entire self-parking program, start to finish.

Revenue Control Program

Through our revenue control program, you will have access to an in-market audit resource, remote auditing via our corporate business planning and analysis team, and an annual third-party audit program.

Discount/Validation/Employee Parking Program Management

For your internal team members, we audit, track, report and manage internal parking programs, such as controlled validation process/program and credential parking.

Yield Management

We actively manage occupancy and space optimization, with a focus on inventory.

Monthly Performance Analysis

With the delivery of monthly Financial Proof of Performance (POP) reports and quarterly parking rate surveys with recommendations, we help both local leadership and ownership in identifying opportunities for improvement in comparison to market, company and industry parking related revenue metrics.

Monthly Parking Management

We provide a web-enabled monthly parking program that manages the customer experience from start to finish. This leads to increased revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Equipment Maintenance

We are your in-market maintenance resource, guiding your commercial parking garage on good preventive maintenance best practices, ensuring your equipment will have less downtime and improved equipment ROI.

Command Center Virtual Parking

Our concierge creates a first-class guest experience at arrival and departure through efficient parking management solutions and use of in-lane camera technology.

Facility Marketing

We create outside sources of revenue including monthly parking, airport parking and flex parking by driving traffic through mobile apps and websites.

PCI Compliance

We make sure your hardware, software and all credit card transactions are PCI compliant.

Miscellaneous Services

Our other services include wayfinding (sign programs), purchasing (tickets, gate arms, etc.), and cleaning.

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