Towne Park’s New Client-Omni Parker House-Valet Services

Greetings Towne Park Nation, and welcome to the Omni Parker House – USA’s oldest continuously run hotel!

The Omni Parker House resides right in the heart of Boston on one of the country’s first streets.  When one of our competitors couldn’t get wait times below 30 minutes and guest service scores continued to slip as a result, the management at Omni knew it was time for a change.  2015 marks the 160th anniversary of this storied establishment, and who better to lead this prestigious location to new heights for the next 160 years and beyond than Towne Park?!

Launching a new site in Downtown Boston is difficult in itself, but when you’re working with demanding clientele, an avalanche of pedestrian traffic and streets that would be narrow even for a horse a carriage… well, it makes things a bit more challenging!  Luckily, our team from the Healthcare Northeast District was there to support the launch and ensure Towne Park delivered on its promises.  The Launch team of Adam Williams, Josh Gianotsos, John Anthony, Chris Jones, Nick Anderson, and Brian Votta put in an uncanny effort to ensure our service launch was a success.  They also received staffing support from Josh Jones and safety help from Tim Desilets.

It hasn’t been long, but we  are already seeing an uptick in guest service scores and less congestion along the crowded front drive.  According to our client, “This past Sunday was one of the busiest and smoothest check outs the hotel has ever seen.”  Revenue and guest service scores are up while wait times are down.  While we still have a lot of work to do, we are in good hands with newly promoted Account Manager Adam Williams on site and the Healthcare Northeast team ready to help in a moment’s notice like the Minutemen of old.

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