Our Call to Action: A Message from CEO Andrew Kerin to Our Employees

As many of you, I have witnessed the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd and the outpouring of Americans from all walks of life that have peacefully come together in protest of the racism and discrimination that exists in our society.

I have as you have, also seen the unfortunate acts of a few turn to violence and looting. These are indeed very difficult and challenging times. But it is during these times when the opportunity for fundamental positive change can occur. It must occur now, and we must finally put an end to racism and discrimination.

First, as I communicated on Monday, our priority is ensuring everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Now and moving forward, I and we must all stay focused on what we are seeing and hearing and truly listen to the message and sense of urgency being conveyed by the peaceful protests taking place across many of our communities. This has created a moment in our country. A moment for all of us to pause, to listen with intent, and try to understand.

The senseless deaths and racism affecting too many in the black and brown community reflect the deeply ingrained racial prejudice and injustice that continues to exist. I can’t fully understand the experience of so many, but can listen, learn, seek to understand and then be an agent for positive change.

This has given me, and hopefully all of us, an opportunity to reflect on our Towne Park values. The heart and soul of our company and each of us is our values — our values of respect, integrity and care for others. These values mean that we foster an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and different backgrounds, talents, experiences, and perspectives are appreciated and respected. Consistent with this, it is our responsibility and opportunity to continue to do more, make an even more positive impact, to challenge ourselves and ensure we are living our values in everything we do.

The issue of race, inequality and bias must be overcome. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to our communities, to all people and to future generations to play our part and do what we can to wipe out prejudice or injustice of any kind.

I have spent this last week in conversations with our executive team discussing how we begin to mobilize our efforts and play our part. To do this we first must look inward, ask questions, listen and seek a deeper understanding as to how we must evolve.

As an initial first step, we are committed to engaging in a dialogue internally with many of you and your teams, with community leaders and others to listen and learn so we can more fully understand the challenges today, how we as Towne Park can do better, and how all of us can be part of the solution. Our goal is to take this initial step and then share what we heard, what we learned and ways we will evolve and affect change.

I believe it is our shared responsibility to do our part, to stand in. To stand in as leaders, as individuals, as human beings, and as a corporate citizen. As we do our part and all do theirs, we can collectively stamp out racism and discrimination and provide every person in America freedom, hope and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Thank you for all you continue to do to support our values, take care of our teams, clients, communities, and each other.

This is our societies’ and all of our call to action. I look forward to us all mobilizing and doing what we can and what is right to make a difference.

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