Pack Your Bags… Opportunity Awaits!

Nashville Relocations 2014!

Nashville Relocations 2014!

In 2014, the Nashville District cultivated an exportation of leadership talent never before witnessed by any city in Towne Park history!

During a recent Regional Vice Presidents meeting in Annapolis, Rick Sorrells unveiled his new “Rick’s 6” objectives.  Two objectives that hit home for Nashville were Stability of Leadership and Being More Reflective Leaders. As John Utz, Jody McDonald and I represent a mature market with a strong bench of leaders, we had front row seats as we witnessed nine Account Managers and/or Assistant Account Managers put “for sale” signs in their yards, say goodbye to friends and loved ones, and pack their bags to pursue further opportunity with this great company.

As Nashville gears up for year two of our seven-year plan of hyper-growth, our market leaders would like to take the time to reflect back and marvel at the leaders Nashville said goodbye to this year.  Without further ado:

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge those that made these relocations possible.  In order for these nine to expand on their careers, there was a special group of highly-motivated individuals who religiously built their development plans, stepped up when called upon and demonstrated the aptitude to do more.  Special thanks and congratulations to those who received promotions this year:

Submitted by Ben Johanning, Nashville District Manager

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