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Parking Management Company

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At Towne Park, we understand that our clients want to get where they want to go quickly, safely, and with proper care. As a leading hospitality solutions provider serving premier hotels and healthcare facilities nationwide, we want to change the mobility experience by making it safer, more efficient, and full of meaningful interactions. 

As a trusted parking management company, Towne Park promises that our services provide care and attention from arrival to departure by following strict safety and health standards, while using our latest contactless technology and data-driven insights.

Parking Management Company for Hospitals, Hotels


At Towne Park, our passion for delivering safe and comfortable experiences allow us to be a trusted parking management company for over 250 healthcare facilities around the country. 

We offer comprehensive parking and mobility services that make visitors’ experiences getting into your facilities easy and seamless. That way your organization can concentrate on providing your patients with the best care possible. Using TowneFlex, our flexible service and partnership model, you can adjust hours and services to fit your hospital’s financial needs. 

Towne Park provides ticketless valet and self-parking services with contactless payment solutions, as well as cost-effective shuttles. We also deploy Towne Park ambassadors, patient sitters, and a transport team for in-patient transport. All of our employees follow our Safe 360 guidelines, wear proper equipment, and regularly clean or sanitize public areas. 


We want to make sure your guests can rest knowing that their vehicles are being handled with proper care and safety. As an experienced parking management company working hotels and resorts around the country, Towne Park provides efficient parking solutions through efficient and seamless services. Our knack for warm service, safety, and attention to detail ensure that your guests won’t ever have to worry about the state of their vehicles. Clients can use our TowneFlex partnership model to adjust services and staffing for the right level of support and financial structure. 

Our technology-driven valet and self-parking services allow safe and easy transport for your guests. Our door and bell service workers provide warm welcome and excellent service even while practicing social distancing. True to our Safe 360 framework, our luggage delivery services are contact-free and we regularly sanitize our work areas. 


At Towne Park we strive to be the most efficient and user-friendly parking management company in the business. That’s why our Technology & Innovation team is constantly working to develop the newest platforms and cutting-edge technology to enable contact-free interactions while enhancing customer experiences. 

To ensure safety and efficiency for our customers, Towne Park uses virtual claim tickets and digital payment solutions for our contactless valet services. Our ticketless self-parking services use license plate recognition to make entry and exit a breeze. Even luggage claims and employee tipping can be done digitally. We facilitate all of these services through our MyTowne mobile app to reduce the need for physical tickets and to limit human interaction as much as possible. 

As a leading parking management company, Towne Park is dedicated to providing the best step forward with parking and mobility solutions that deliver greater efficiency, heightened safety, and exceptional guest and customer service. 

Hospital Valet Parking - Ticketless Valet

Ticketless Valet

Ticketless valet with a virtual claim ticket texted to the patient or visitor’s cell phone upon check-in, eliminating the need for a physical claim ticket

Hospital Valet Parking - Vehicle Retrieval

Vehicle Retrieval

Vehicle retrieval requests that can be submitted via text message.

Hospital Valet Parking - Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment solutions including web validations, payment via smartphone, and digital tipping to appreciate excellent service.

Hospital Valet Parking - Vehicle Damage Survey

Vehicle Survey

Vehicle damage survey camera lanes and mobile damage survey technology available.

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