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Health Assure is our comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each patient, visitor and staff member that enters your doors. Health Assure includes Vaccine Support Services, Health Screening, Temperature Monitoring and Sanitization services.

Health Assure monitoring and screening solutions
Health Screening & Monitoring Services

Trusted by over 60 leading healthcare providers, our screening and temperature monitoring solutions administer verbal health screening and temperature monitoring for all visitors as well as wayfinding. Our screening and temperature monitoring services are backed by fully trained and certified team members ready to deliver a welcoming and safe experience with standards and processes adapted to your unique needs.

Vaccine Support Services

Towne Health’s Vaccine Support Services enable an efficient and cost-effective vaccine program along with a caring, quality experience for each recipient. Our services include non-clinical vaccine administration, traffic management and logistics all provided by our fully trained team of passionate healthcare ambassadors. Whether a hospital run vaccine program, large-scale clinic, or community based program our teams adapt to meet varying needs and locations and can grow with you as your vaccine program evolves.

Health Assure Vaccine Support Services traffic management
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