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Healthcare Solutions


Delivering Comfort & Care Inside & Out

At Towne Health, we’re passionate about delivering experiences that truly move people. That’s why we’re trusted by over 300 healthcare institutions nationwide.

We provide comprehensive mobility and parking solutions delivered with our 5-star hospitality service that make your patient and visitor experience seamless, safe and comfortable, so your team can concentrate on providing the best possible clinical care. And with our flexible service and partnership model Towne Flex®, you can adjust hours and services to achieve the most effective financial structure for your hospital as needs evolve.

See how our extensive solutions, quality service, and relentless attention to health and safety make us a partner you can count on for today and in the future.


Valet Parking

Attentive Assistance

We operate with the utmost attention to care and precision, ensuring a welcoming and caring experience from arrival through discharge. With our healthcare oriented service associates, pairing industry-tested, metric-driven valet parking solutions and proven health and safety measures designed to increase patient satisfaction and drive efficiencies for you.

We work with you to develop a customized arrival experience that best reflects your brand and aligns with the needs at your hospital.

Behind the scenes, our flexible model allows us to build the right pricing and staffing solution for you. We also provide pricing analysis and recommendations and solutions to ensure an exceptional service experience and measure patient and visitor satisfaction.

And, our Safe 360™ commitment, developed with leading healthcare institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic, provides assurance solutions that are always delivered with care.

Innovative Solutions that Foster Pleasant, Contactless Experiences
  • Ticketless valet with a virtual claim ticket texted to the patient or visitor’s cell phone upon check-in, eliminating the need for a physical claim ticket
  • Vehicle retrieval requests that can be submitted via text message
  • Contactless payment solutions including web validations, payment via smartphone, and digital tipping to appreciate excellent service
  • Vehicle damage survey camera lanes and mobile damage survey technology available
Safe 360

Self-Parking Services

Park with Ease

Put your patients, visitors and employees at ease from the moment they arrive. Our parking management and technology solutions create a seamless, stress-free experience with no-touch access and payment, including frictionless entry and exit for greater safety and convenience.

Our contactless self-parking solutions include:
  • Touchless tickets thanks to infrared proximity sensor technology that automatically dispenses a ticket with just the wave of a hand
  • License plate recognition technology which uses a vehicle’s license plate as a digital credential for entry and exit
  • Ticketless, no-touch entry and exit technology utilizing a parker’s phone or credit card as their identifier
  • Property management system interface which eliminates the need for a parking-specific credential and automates parking access
  • Premium parking spot allocations to help reduce congestion in popular or high traffic areas
  • Wayfinding technology for seamless direction to open spaces
  • Automated cashiering

We also provide employee parking assignment and monitoring program, traffic flow analysis, wayfinding, pricing analysis and recommendations, and remote lot shuttle service to support employee parking and periods of high demand.

Self parking
Safe 360

Shuttle Service

Driven by Safety

Count on Towne Health to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective shuttle service that is clean, convenient and pleasurable for patients, visitors and staff. Our expertly-run shuttle service is DOT and ADA-compliant.

We go the extra mile with:
  • Vetted, extensively trained drivers who undergo monthly road tests, MVR reviews and comprehensive service training
  • On-brand solutions like vehicle wrapping and alternative fuels
  • Vehicle tracking and wait-time notifications for an enhanced experience
  • Vehicle operating and maintenance tracking solutions to extend the life of your fleet
  • Route optimization capabilities to reduce fuel, maintenance and wait times
Our Safe 360™ Shuttle solutions include:
  • Social distancing monitoring with decreased passenger capacity per trip along with seating guidelines to accommodate best practices
  • Vehicle sanitization before and after every trip and at the end of every shift, with the option to utilize fogging solutions at specified intervals
  • Passenger health and/or temperature screening upon entering the vehicle, if required
  • Hand sanitizer & face masks provided for passengers at your request
Safe 360

Greeter/ Ambassador

A Safe & Secure Welcome

Provide a polished and synergistic welcome experience for your patients and visitors with a flexible team that can serve multiple roles including traditional greeter services, important visitor health screening, temperature monitoring and social distancing support, and light cleaning and sanitization.

Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors can provide:
  • Information on hospital amenities
  • Parking validation
  • Visitor check-in services
  • Wayfinding
  • Wheelchair management, inventory and sanitization services

No matter the role, you can always feel confident your Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors are qualified for the job, thanks to our extensive healthcare focused-service, HIPAA, and Safe 360™ trainings.

Safe 360

Patient Sitter Services

We’ll Be by Their Side

Our patient sitters provide empathetic, one-on-one support for patients who require round-the-clock observation or special attention. Every patient sitter undergoes extensive training including HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Universal Precautions, and AIDET in addition to training in our Safe 360™ guidelines. Plus, they’re always outfitted in appropriate PPE for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Enlist our patient sitters to:
  •  Relieve staffing challenges by freeing up clinical staff, balancing workloads and reducing overtime
  •  Decrease risk and improve outcomes by catching potential complications or setbacks before they happen
Safe 360

Patient & Employee Concierge

A Truly Supportive Experience

Concierge services show your employees and patients how much you value their wellbeing.

Employee Concierge Services:
Employee concierge services enhance employee satisfaction, productivity and work/life balance. Our employee concierges can assist with non-clinical and personal tasks such as restocking supplies, ordering food, setting up conferences, sending mail, picking up dry cleaning, booking travel, shopping, and automotive errands like car washes or oil changes. We also offer in-unit concierges for help with rounding or restocking supplies.

Patient Concierge Services
Our passionate healthcare associates understand that even a simple request can provide outsized relief for recovering patients. For this reason, our patient concierges take pride in fulfilling the tasks that provide a measure of comfort, such as fetching a book or phone charger, handling food or grocery orders, booking hotels, arranging flowers or other services. As a dedicated resource for non-clinical requests, we’re able to lighten the load for nurses and administrators.

Safe 360

In-Patient Transport

Helping with the Healing Journey

An efficient inpatient transport program can decrease downtime and maximize equipment and department productivity. We make it seamless for patients to arrive on-time to their appointments, reducing the wait time for procedures and new admissions. We also provide wheelchair management & inventory tracking, and wheelchair sanitization services in accordance with our Safe 360™ guidelines to keep everyone moving safely.

Our skilled transport team operates with the highest level of safety and patient courtesy, promoting a greater sense of ease for all. Plus, our innovative patient transport management system provides total visibility into scheduling, tracking patients, and monitoring open beds and wheelchairs. When backups arise, making a schedule or route change is simple.

Safe 360

Light Cleaning & Sanitization

Front-Line Prevention

When it comes to stopping the spread of infection, we know one of the best defenses is diligent disinfection. Our Safe 360™ light cleaning and sanitization services provide the highest confidence your high-touch public areas will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned. We’ll provide continuous sanitization of the non-clinical public spaces you specify, such as lobby areas, handrails, elevators, parking areas, self-parking equipment, and more.

Safe 360
Health Assure

Health Assure is our comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each patient, visitor and staff member that enters your doors. Health Assure includes Health Screening, Temperature Monitoring and Sanitization services.

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