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Healthcare Support Solutions

Solutions that Make a Difference for You

When it comes to the healing journey, no two paths are the same. That’s why our Healthcare Support Solutions are designed to assist your patients and clinicians every step of the way. Supported by our healthcare-oriented teams, known as Patient Care Concierge, we create caring, thoughtful, and compassionate experiences that enhance patient satisfaction while optimizing hospital operations.

Our Healthcare Support Solutions include Inpatient Transport and Wheelchair Escort, Observational Sitter, Discharge Lounge Attendant, and other services that will create a continuity of care for your patients with consistent support from arrival and throughout their stay.

Patient Care Concierge

Our cross-trained Patient Care Concierge perform multiple support services seamlessly on any given day, transitioning from transporting patients to appointments in the morning, to one-on-one patient care with our observational sitting services in the afternoon, for example.


The Ultimate in Flexibility

We know your needs don’t just change by the day; they can change by the hour. That’s why we offer the most flexible and efficient operating and staffing model, Towne Flex®, allowing us to support multiple roles based on your needs and in a way that works best for you.


Observational Sitter

We’ll Be By Their Side

Enlist our Observational Sitter service to ensure the wellbeing of patients, while relieving the strain on clinical staff and reducing overtime. Patient Care Concierge provide round the clock observation required for cases that need special attention. Working under the direction of your clinical staff, our team notifies your clinical staff of any behaviors or setbacks to mitigate potential complications.

Learn more about Towne Health’s Observational Sitter solution


In-Patient Transport

Helping with the Healing Journey

Our Patient Care Concierge welcome patients when they first arrive and get them where they need to go with our wheelchair escort services. Throughout their stay we facilitate transport and on-time arrival to appointments, tests, and other services critical to their care. And, when it’s time to leave we support a thoughtful and efficient discharge experience. We’re experienced in the major technologies, including teletracking and EIPC Rover, making our support truly seamless.


Equipment Porter

Ensuring Equipment is Maintained and  Monitored

From wheelchairs to stretchers and IV poles, we can maintain and track your equipment utilizing RFID and GPS tracking technology, helping you keep productivity on track and mitigate extra equipment costs.

An efficient wheeled equipment program supports on time patient transports, saving on costs with misplaced and damaged equipment and relieves your clinical teams from searching for the right equipment, supporting nurse and staff productivity and satisfaction.

Our Patient Care Concierge partner with your teams to ensure equipment is well maintained and monitored so clinical providers can focus on direct care. We handle all the details for you — keeping your patients moving along seamlessly and safely.


Discharge Lounge Attendant

Lounge Administration & Patient Movement

An efficient Discharge Lounge ensures a pleasant final step from the hospital to home, and Towne Health can handle all the details. In partnership with your clinical team, we provide lounge administration and patient movement so your nurses and hospital staff can focus on any clinical needs while patients await departure.

Our team supports the discharge lounge experience from managing patient transport to the lounge, welcoming arriving patients and getting patients and their belongings to their ride safely. We will maintain the lounge and can arrange for patient transportation from the hospital to home.

We also track patient flow — ensuring the discharge process keeps patients moving along seamlessly and safely.



A Safe & Secure Welcome

Provide a polished and synergistic welcoming experience for your patients for your patients and visitors with a flexible team that can serve multiple roles, including greeter, health screening, visitors and procedure registration, call center support, and more.

Whether greeting patients and visitors in the lobby or supporting various departments such as surgery and maternity with patient registration, our Patient Care Concierge supporting a caring, efficient experience ensuring comfort and ease.

Greeter Ambassadors provide:
  • Information on hospital amenities
  • Parking validation
  • Patient or visitor check-in/registration services
  • Wayfinding
  • Wheelchair management, inventory and sanitization services

No matter the role, you can always feel confident your Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors are qualified for the job, thanks to our extensive healthcare focused-service, HIPAA, and Safe 360™ trainings.


Light Cleaning
& Sanitization

Front-Line Prevention

When it comes to stopping the spread of infection, we know one of the best defenses is diligent disinfection. Our Safe 360™ light cleaning and sanitization services provide the highest confidence your high-touch public areas will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned. We’ll provide continuous sanitization of the non-clinical public spaces you specify, such as lobby areas, handrails, elevators, parking areas, self-parking equipment, and more.

Entrance Operations

A seamless patient, visitor and staff experience from entry to exit.

With Towne Health’s Entrance Operations solutions, you can ensure a seamless, safe experience for patients, visitors, and staff from entry to exit. Whether assisting with wayfinding, managing the check-in process, or ensuring a safe environment with screening and access control services, the Towne Health team can help.

Towne Health welcomes each person entering your doors and acts as an ambassador to guide patients and visitors through their hospital journey.

How Can We
Be of Service?

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