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Parking & Mobility Solutions

Optimizing Your Parking Facility

Your guests will sleep soundly knowing they’ll be well cared for, from arrival to departure. We ensure a warm welcome for every guest, delivered with an attention to detail, safety and care that helps everyone rest easy.

With Towne Vision, our real-time data and analytics tool, you will have instant access to key reports and metrics enabling you to make the most effective decisions for your business.

And with our flexible service and partnership model Towne Flex®, you can adjust staffing and service to meet your needs as they evolve, giving you the right level of support and the right financial structure, for today and for the future.



Attentive Assistance

Our valet parking solutions are delivered with the utmost attention to care and precision, pairing industry-tested, metric-driven valet parking solutions with proven safety processes. We work with you to develop a customized arrival and departure experience that best reflects your brand and aligns with your needs.

Our teams are trained in our comprehensive service and safety standards to ensure an exceptional experience for all who park with your property.

With our data-driven insights, we work with you to drive demand through rate analysis and partnerships with leading parking aggregators to ensure you get the most out of your parking operation and your partnership with Towne Park.

Parking Technology Solutions that Foster Efficient and Seamless Experiences
  • Ticketless valet with a virtual claim ticket texted to the guest’s cell phone upon check-in, eliminating physical claim tickets
  • Contactless vehicle retrieval requests submitted via text message
  • Contactless payment solutions including web validations, payment by mobile device, and digital tipping to appreciate excellent service
  • Vehicle damage survey camera lanes and mobile damage survey technology available
  • Mobile arrival with reservations
  • Customizable elite/reward member arrival experience


Park with Ease

Our technology and self-parking management solutions increase efficiency and provide ease of access, with the option for no-touch entry and exit for the greatest safety and convenience for your guests. We offer innovative solutions to help you maximize your parking asset and create a seamless experience for all.

Our self-parking solutions include:
  • Seamless integration with Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), enabling real-time revenue and analytical reporting
  • Enhanced guest experience with room key integration and mobile pay options
  • Touchless tickets thanks to infrared proximity sensor technology that automatically dispenses a ticket with the wave of a hand
  • License plate recognition technology which uses a vehicle’s license plate as a digital credential for entry and exit
  • Ticketless, no-touch entry and exit utilizing automated vehicle identification technology, Mobile Key / Digital Key, or a parker’s phone or credit card
  • Gateless, self-parking solution T-Park™, allows patients, visitors, and staff to pay for parking using their mobile device
  • Property Management System (PMS) interface which automates parking access
  • Premium parking spot allocation to help reduce congestion in popular or high traffic areas
  • Wayfinding technology for seamless direction to open spaces
  • Dynamic pricing and pre-paid event parking to maximize your parking asset

Parking Management

Innovative Solutions to Maximize Your Parking Asset

Our Parking Management and technology solutions increase efficiency and provide ease of access. We offer innovative solutions to help you maximize your parking asset and create a seamless experience for all. We also provide employee parking assignment and monitoring programs, traffic flow analysis, wayfinding, pricing analysis and recommendations, and remote lot shuttle service to support employee parking and periods of high demand.


Shuttle Service

Arrive in Comfort and Safety

Count on Towne Park to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective shuttle service that is clean, convenient and pleasurable for guests and staff. Our expertly run shuttle service is DOT and ADA-compliant.

We go the extra mile with:
  • Vetted, extensively trained drivers who undergo monthly road tests, MVR reviews and comprehensive service training
  • On-brand solutions like vehicle wrapping and alternative fuels
  • Vehicle tracking and wait-time notifications for an enhanced experience
  • Vehicle operating and maintenance tracking solutions to extend the life of your fleet
  • Route optimization capabilities to reduce fuel, maintenance and wait times
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