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Towne Park Hospitality Support Solutions

Tech-Enabled Solutions Working for You

Technology is only as good as the results it can deliver. Towne Park’s expertise paired with our tech-enabled solutions ensure you always get the most for your bottom line while enhancing the customer experience.

Invested in Innovation

Our Center for Technology & Innovation is dedicated to developing the newest platforms and cutting-edge technologies that are scalable and adaptable ensuring we continuously align with client needs today and into the future.

Towne Park’s proprietary technology solutions drive demand, maximize revenue, enhance operational performance and efficiency, and deliver seamless customer experiences. Our approach is based on integrated data to provide the key insights needed to make the best, most informed decisions. Whether it’s optimizing labor to meet varying demand or providing the most competitive parking rates to maximize revenue to leveraging the latest parking technology to ensure each interaction is seamless, convenient, and creates a smile. 

Data Driven Insights

With our data and analytics platform Towne Vision, we aggregate all the data related to each location we manage to maximize operating efficiency and labor, make strategic decisions to drive revenue and profit management, monitor safety, and provide a complete view for all aspects of the operation. Towne Vision provides actionable, real-time information enhancing performance by real-time decision-making.

Technology Drives Demand & Optimizes Revenue

We leverage the latest technology and data driven insights to optimize your parking asset and support new revenue opportunities. We help you utilize your parking to maximum capacity with our AI based demand data and local market information to fully leverage your parking rate at the right times, enhancing revenue. Solutions include:

  • Smart Aggregation: If your parking asset has inventory available for sale to the public our proprietary inventory distribution platform, Smart Aggregation, will deliver results by instantly putting your inventory on the market through more than ten different pre-qualified booking channels improving inventory management by capturing incremental parking volumes and incremental consumer surplus from rate hikes during peak volume times.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Optimize parking revenue by leveraging our national and local data to forecast parking inventory usage, and implement our proprietary AI-based dynamic pricing model to generate pricing recommendations on a daily or hourly cadence. Rates can be automatically raised or lowered depending on real-time market conditions and comp sets to optimize revenue and parking inventory.
  • New services such as Electric Vehicle (EV) Valet: managed EV charging solution to optimize charger capacity, elevate the customer experience and provide new revenue opportunities.

Seamless Parking Experiences for Everyone

We provide a full suite of frictionless and contactless parking solutions that enable us to deliver a fully integrated customer arrival through departure experience. Our solutions are designed to assist your customers throughout their journey while providing you with a comprehensive and efficient solution to ensure your service levels are consistent during times of high demand as well as down times. 

Tech-Enabled Valet Parking Solutions

We pair the service experience our team members provide with the latest valet parking technology to create a truly seamless and integrated experience that is customized for your property. And we continuously roll out innovations that deliver a greater sense of comfort and convenience, with mobile solutions compatible with all parking technology.

Contactless valet solutions include:

  • Virtual claim tickets instead of exchanging paper
  • Vehicle text-to-retrieve
  • Digital payments solutions

Convenient Self-Parking Solutions

We’re making it possible for self-parking to be seamless, efficient and safe, driving convenience and loyalty. Our frictionless parking solutions make it easy to implement simple upgrades that provide maximum impact. Our solutions drive demand for your parking asset delivering exceptional revenue returns.

Contactless self-park solutions include:

  • No-touch parking tickets utilizing infrared wave proximity sensors
  • Ticketless (and touchless) with license plate recognition technology that makes entry and exit a breeze
  • Utilizing a parker’s credit card as their credential supporting not only the parking but the payment experience
Introducing T-Park

T-Park: A No Equipment Approach to Gateless Self-Parking

Our innovative parking optimization solution, T-Park®, provides frictionless and effortless parking experiences for consumers, with digital payments made via mobile device. T-Park allows you to get more from your parking asset and is a no equipment solution to maximize parking revenue. And with zero equipment, it’s easy to implement for a new stream of revenue. Towne Park handles all the details—including revenue collection, compliance, and revenue optimization—to make monetizing and managing your parking asset a seamless experience for you, while providing a convenient parking experience for your customers.

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