Confidence with Contactless Technology

Create seamless experiences with technology and innovative solutions that exceed expectations for convenience, efficiency and safety.

Invested in Innovation

A strategic partner for the long-term, committed to providing the best team, best service, and best solutions—now and into the future. Our Center for Technology & Innovation is a team of experts fully dedicated to developing the newest platforms and cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation, enhance the employee and consumer experience, and enable safe, contactless interactions.

See how we’re shaping the future of the mobility experience, delivered with care.

Seamless, Contactless Experiences

You can’t replace human interaction, but you can make arrival and departure experience feel welcoming and personal with technologies designed for convenience, ease and everyone’s wellbeing. From arrival to departure, we’ll ensure every detail supports a totally frictionless, worry-free experience.


Contactless Valet Parking

Transform this high-touch service into a contactless, but still personal experience. We’re rolling out mobile innovations that deliver a greater sense of comfort and convenience, with mobile solutions compatible with all parking technology.

Contactless solutions include:

  • Virtual claim tickets instead of exchanging paper
  • Vehicle text-to-retrieve
  • Digital payments solutions

Digital Tipping

To recognize great service, tip Towne Park associates without exchanging cash, by scanning a QR code from your phone with our mobile Digital Tipping solution.


Contactless Self-Parking

We’re making it possible for self-parking to be a seamless, efficient, and safe –driving convenience, and loyalty — solutions include:

  • No-touch parking tickets utilizing infrared wave proximity sensors.
  • Go ticketless (and touchless) with license plate recognition technology that makes entry and exit a breeze
  • Solution that utilize a parker’s credit card as their credential supporting not only the parking but the payment experience

Regardless of the technology contactless, seamless experiences are here.

The Future of Parking: No-Touch, No-Worries with MyTowne™

The MyTowne™ mobile app allows users to effortlessly search, reserve, pay and navigate Towne Park operated parking garages using RFID, Bluetooth, QR code, or license plate recognition technologies. No more physical tickets, fumbling with credit cards, or machines to touch. MyTowne will also support monthly parking subscriptions with fully digital management and can integrate with or replace legacy PARCS systems.

Low-Touch Luggage Storage

No more paper claim tickets. We’re making safer luggage storage and retrieval possible with technology that supports virtual claim tickets supported by mobile device. Digital images of luggage make for easy retrieval and reduces the number of touches required. Learn more about our Bell Services.

Deliver Safety & Piece of Mind

Digital Verifications
Give guests the peace of mind transparency provides. Towne Park digital care verifications provides confidence that every step of the sanitization process has been completed while also providing a solution for contact tracing. Guests receive notification of vehicle sanitization and the names of the associates who have driven their vehicle, all conveniently sent to their mobile device in real-time. They will even be alerted when their vehicle is ready for pick-up. Now that’s safe service delivered with confidence.

These solutions are part of our comprehensive safety-assuredness program, Safe 360™.


Contactless Temperature Monitoring
We make temperature screening an accessible and efficient process with single person or multi-person contactless scanning. We employ the latest artificial intelligence and biometric scanning, with the ability to integrate with your door access or security mechanisms. The option for audible or visual alarms maintains privacy and allows for the solution that fits your needs best.

Heightened Employee Engagement & Efficiency
A highly mobile workforce needs resources and tools that move with them.


Towne Link
Exceptional service requires constant, effortless communication and collaboration. Towne Link, our dedicated mobile employee app, makes it possible. With Towne Link, organizational communication is seamless and our teams maintain connection to each other, even as they maintain a safe distance. Towne Link connects them directly to all tools, resources and supports processes to enable consistency, productivity and efficiency.

Towne Link is our one-stop employee platform where everything our teams need to do the best job for you is in the palms of their hands. Towne Link also supports client and consumer solutions, along with:

  • Real-time notifications about staffing to ensure associates have the shifts they need, and we maintain service levels for you
  • Operational and safety tools and resources
  • Mobile training and development
  • Operational workflow processes and approvals
  • Digital verification of Safe 360™ vehicle sanitization
  • Contactless digital tipping to recognize great service supporting a contactless and safe environment for the team member and customer
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