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Towne Flex® provides the most innovative, flexible staffing model in the industry. With Towne Flex you have continuous and full transparency and control over staffing levels and costs.

In a time of uncertainty with evolving hotel and guest requirements, you need the partner who can adapt to changes at a moment’s notice. Towne Flex assures you both the best financial outcomes and the best guest experience.

A New Partnership Model

With Towne Flex you have the flexibility to update your staffing and service models on a bi-weekly basis. Whether increasing or decreasing hours, adding or pausing services, adjusting requirements or changing rates, Towne Flex lets you decide the most effective structure for your property.

With Towne Flex associates are cross trained in all solutions we provide at your location. Towne Flex offers the ultimate level of flexibility enabling one team member to cover a range of duties such as valet and bell, greeter/ambassador, or covering shifts for other departments. With our deep in-market and cross trained teams and proven processes, we can flex our services to meet your requirements.

How Towne Flex® Works

Safe 360™ and Towne Flex, combined with Towne Park’s 30+ years of hospitality and healthcare expertise, provide a distinctive value proposition that ensures unmatched safety and trust for guests and staff along with the right partnership that delivers the best-in-class financial, guest satisfaction, safety and hospitality excellence that you need for reopening and beyond.

  • Your property agrees upon an initial baseline level of service with Towne Park.
  • Every two weeks you have a working session with your Towne Park team leader to identify any changes for the next two-week period.
  • You will be billed only for the hours worked and services provided, giving you control over costs and matching services to evolving guest needs and revenues.
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