The Power of Ascent: Big Developments in the Mid-Atlantic

1280px-Pico_de_Orizaba_glacier_ascentFor the most advanced GSCs that have shown a desire and commitment to career growth, Towne Park’s Ascent Class is a 12 week classroom-based program that equips these GSCs with the tools and training to put them in line to take the next leap in their career.

The class, which is currently being piloted in the Mid-Atlantic, has been critical to keeping the region’s leadership pipeline cranking over the past year…  And we can’t wait until the class expands across TP Nation over the next few months!

EVERY associate from the Annapolis district that participated in the region’s first Ascent class has been promoted! 

Not only has every associate from the Mid-Atlantic’s first Ascent class been promoted, but the first associate from the region’s 2nd class, Sean Milstead from Mandarin Oriental DC, has already been promoted to Assistant Account Manager.

While you wait for the newest version of Ascent to come to your region, the Talent-Ready Tracker update will be heading your way… in fact, it has already begun rolling out through Hospitality East this month!

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