President and COO Dave Nichols Receives SmartCXO Award from Baltimore SmartCEO

Nichols, one of many recipients, was honored at the Baltimore SmartCXO Event Thursday

According to SmartCEO, the SmartCXO Awards highlight chief executives who have gone above and beyond to support their organization’s initiatives.  SmartCEO profiled CFOs, COOs, CIO/CTOs and other executive management in the Mid-Atlantic in their April issue.  Last night, at a gathering of over 400 C-Level attendees SmartCEO celebrated this elite group of executives at the SmartCXO Awards including our very own Dave Nichols.

In their April issue, which can be viewed at, Baltimore SmartCEO shared this about Towne Park’s President and COO Dave Nichols:

Metrics Man

Nichols is a firm believer that a company can’t just manage results.  So he is responsible for establishing metrics by which the company tracks the effectiveness of key components of its business model.  As a result, when the correct metrics are measured and show improvement, the results reflect that, too.

Keeping It Simple

Nichols doesn’t get tied up in complex annual strategies centered on numerous complex strategic objectives.  Instead, he works with Towne Park’s executive management team to establish two important goals each year and communicates those goals constantly, focusing the management team on one or two objectives.  As a result, the objectives seem more probable, and the company realizes a high degree of accomplishment.

Decade of Growth

In the last 10 years, Towne Park achieved a revenue increase from $6 million to $140 million and three-fold annual growth.

The Right People

Nichols believes that if the company finds great people and gives them the tools and the opportunity to excel, whild holding them accountable and rewarding positive results, the organization reaps the benefifts.  “Without great people, nothing else matters,” he says.

Productive Procedures

In his tenure, Nichols has implemented detailed reporting, accountability and transparency; developed key metrics to lead company results; aligned incentive programs with results at all levels of the organization; and implemented the “Four Disciplines of Execution” into the company culture.

“In my view, great leaders are those who understand that getting great people and helping them to develop and grow is fundamental to being successful in growing the organization and improving results.  Without a great team, nothing else will matter.”   -Dave Nichols, Towne Park President and COO and SmartCXO Award Recipient

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