Record Snowfall in Boston Couldn’t Stop Towne Park

boston1This winter was especially hard on our teammates in Boston. In a three week period alone, a series of four major storms dropped almost eight feet of snow, crippling transportation and roads in the city and surrounding communities. It was the second snowiest winter on record!

Through it all, Towne Park employees kept service operating at all locations, and our clients were extremely pleased with our response and commitment.

Hallmark Health shuttle driver Bobby Drago earned accolades from the nurses at Melrose Wakefield Hospital for clearing snow off their vehicles to make it easier on the employees after their shifts.  Mass General Hospital Assistant Account Manager Jalal Lotfi drove his own vehicle to pick up associates when they had no transportation due to the public system shut down.

To sum up the success and commitment of our team during this unprecedented weather, Area Manager Tim Desilets has shared the following email from his site supervisor:

boston2I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the great job that the Charles River Park Valets did  under less than ideal conditions. The challenges of record snow amounts, frigid temps and worst of all, Disney on Ice, were no match for your crew!  Each day they persevered to provide patients and customers with that ever valuable commodity, a parking space!

It’s said that we’re often quick to criticize and slow to praise. Tim, your crew deserves huge kudos for the job they did last week. Please pass on our sincere thanks for a job well done!

A big thanks goes out to all the dedicated Towne Park employees who step up every day to keep the services operational during extreme weather conditions.

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