Sammy Sosa Named Assistant Account Manager at KC Power and Light

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa joined Towne Park in March of 2012 following a run at another local valet provider.  Sammy loved his job, but felt his career becoming stagnant.  Sammy saw Towne Park as an organization that would be able to provide the development and training he was seeking to take that next step, so he joined TP Nation as a Guest Service Coordinator.

Sammy quickly earned the respect of his peers as one of Kansas City’s hardest workers who was committed to doing things the right way. Sammy is a natural born leader and it wasn’t long before he became the “go-to” leader at the Kansas City Power and Light District, earning the loyalty of his staff.

As a Guest Service Coordinator, Sammy spearheaded the following initiatives:

  • Promoted the use of Survival Cards and improved his team’s performance to 100% compliance just two months after roll-out.
  • Formed an “Employee Spotlight” program to recognize high performing associates weekly.
  • Increased meal break compliance.

In addition to his regular duties, Sammy served on a two week task force at Maryland Live!, participated in Kansas City’s monthly New Hire Orientation every month and created an interactive “Ambassador of the City” assignment for new hires.  The assignment teaches associates to utilize their knowledge of the city to enhance the service experience and gratuities.  Sammy is a proud member of the Development Elite, an exclusive group of Kansas City associates who are taught more about becoming a better leader. Sammy is clearly the right person for the Assistant Account Manager position at Kansas City Live! and we couldn’t be more excited to promote Sammy to this position!

Sammy loves watching Disney movies with his daughter and taking her to the zoo. In fact, he’s preparing for a 5k Zoo Run this summer. He is a loyal Chicago Cubs fan, but loves supporting his local Kansas City Royals and Chiefs as well.

Submitted by Ashley Prohaska, Kansas City District Manager

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