A Higher Standard of Service

Our teams know it’s the little details that make a big difference.

It’s not just about making eye contact; it’s about when you make eye contact. Or, for example, how quickly a guest is greeted upon arrival.

It’s all about creating a smile; making someone’s day just a little bit easier, and brighter.

These subtleties impact your guests’ perception of your brand, and keep them coming back.

Operating with Care

Our proprietary Operating Model is the guiding force in how we execute the Towne Park distinctive brand standards. This includes how we recruit, hire, onboard and train our teams, deliver our solutions, optimize performance, and operate safely. The Operating Playbook ensures consistently excellent service delivery across all our locations, through proven operational best practices, and includes

  • Guidance for implementing our Safety First commitment and program
  • Comprehensive 90-day On-the-Job training and onboarding, to set our associates up for success and continuous consistent development opportunities
  • Labor management and scheduling processes, to enable accurate and effective staff forecasting and management
  • Financial management tools, to fulfill fiduciary responsibility and capture revenue
  • Consistent service standards

Our Safety First Commitment

Part of delivering an exceptional guest experience is providing an environment that is safe and comfortable for all. Our culture of safety first makes operating safely a personal commitment for each associate. Safety First is all about ensuring team members and guests remain safe, and property is returned in the same condition it was received.

Through our Safety First program, we provide continuous training around the responsibilities and best practices required to achieve our goal of zero losses. In addition to complying with workplace safety regulations, we also regularly review our program to ensure we are continuously improving the quality of our services and our ability to operate with the highest level of safety.