Towne Health

Modern healthcare facilities are engaged in a delicate balancing act between providing exceptional and compassionate care for their patients, and operating with streamlined efficiency. Through our tailored solutions, we help our healthcare partners meet their goals and achieve this balance.

Parking Services

For patients and their families alike, their parking experience is often the first and last impression they will have of your healthcare facility.

Greeter Services

Our greeters, lobby ambassadors and information desk associates are trained to handle all necessary activities for a great arrival experience.

Shuttle Services

Making complex parking settings – such as a remote lot – both accessible and convenient for both patients and employees can be a challenge.

Patient Experience

For both patients and their families, going to your healthcare facility can be a very stressful event. Your support can make a difference.

Patient Sitter Services

For patients with complex cases or special needs, one-on-one observation from an experienced, non-clinical professional can be critical, when fall prevention or behavior monitoring is necessary.

Employee Concierge Services

If your employees feel engaged and supported, not only will they thank you, they will pay it forward to your patients.

Towne Hospitality

When it comes to the delivery of sophisticated hospitality services and the guest experience, today’s hotels and resorts face numerous challenges. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, we meet the unique demands of the modern hospitality industry, head-on.

Valet Parking

The impressions you create during guest arrivals and departures can impact any decision they may make to stay with you in future.


The effortless delivery of concierge service builds brand loyalty, by transforming the ordinary errand into a memorable experience.


An empty parking space doesn’t drive revenue growth. Optimizing space is critical to maximizing the value of an asset.

Shuttle Services

The right shuttle service provider for your hotel property should be world-class in service and safety and sophisticated in design.

Door Service

When your valet and door service are managed by a single hospitality partner, you realize synergies of cost and enhanced service.

Event Services

Whether a guest is attending a large banquet or gala, the greeting they receive sets the tone for the rest of their evening.

Bell Service

From room presentation to luggage delivery, bell service should be anticipatory and sensitive to the needs of your guests.

Monthly Parking

If you’re an individual or a business, we offer convenient, cost-effective monthly parking options across the country.

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