You Need to Improve Care and Control Costs

Now more than ever before, healthcare facilities are being tasked to improve the care they provide and increase patient satisfaction scores, while also controlling their operating expenses. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that adequately addresses this challenge, however, since no two hospitals or medical centers are alike. Where one facility may struggle with optimizing patient flow logistics from one room to another or across their campus, another may be more focused on improving the efficiency of their nonclinical service delivery around patient arrivals and departures.

We Boost Efficiency and Reduce Redundancies

With nearly 30 years of healthcare industry experience, Towne Health can help you manage this delicate balancing act between cost and care. We work side-by-side with healthcare clients across the country to successfully implement new strategies and processes that boost efficiency and productivity, while also reducing operational redundancies. Through expert service delivery and analysis, we empower our healthcare partners to maximize nonclinical assets and minimize costs.

We Tackled Mile-High Parking Employee Costs in Denver

Rose Medical Center in Denver looked at their parking department and realized they needed to make a change – but they didn’t have the time or expertise to accomplish this on their own. They engaged with Towne Health to help them increase productivity across fewer associates and increase efficiencies across their operations overall. Through better recruiting, training, management and employee retention efforts, we were able to streamline those staffing inefficiencies, without impacting service delivery for patients and their families.

We Addressed Winter Maintenance Costs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin winters can be bitter cold and unforgiving, especially for shuttle maintenance and repair costs. So Gunderson Lutheran in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, partnered with Towne Health to ensure shuttle service remained in tip-top shape in rain, sleet or snow. With our expertly-trained, licensed drivers on-site, we move more than 6,500 passengers per year, in a manner that is both timely for patients and cost-effective for our partner.

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