First Impression Are Our First Order of Business

Our thoughtful Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors play an indispensable role in creating a synergistic welcome experience. Working in tandem with parking and valet services, they provide a warm greeting and wayfinding that eases patient and visitor stress and reflects well on your brand.

The Front Line in Enhancing Productivity

Ensure patients arrive on time and with ease with the help of our Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors. By providing wayfinding assistance with easy to follow directions, or escorting patients and visitors to their destination, Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors help keep your operations running smoothly.

Set the Right Tone

A friendly face and bright smile make everyone feel more comfortable. Our Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors understand they’re not just there to say “hello”; they’re there to represent your brand, with service that feels authentic and personal.

Very Resourceful

Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors can also provide:

  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Information on hospital amenities
  • Parking validation
  • Help checking IDs and preparing visitor badges

No matter the role, you can always feel confident your Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors are qualified for the job. In addition to receiving comprehensive service training tailored to the healthcare experience, our Greeter & Lobby Ambassadors also undergo extensive HIPAA training to understand how to safeguard patient information.

Please let us know how Towne Health can be of service as a trusted partner in supporting your team and patients.


Some of your best friends (and business partners) were strangers once.

Reach out. Let’s get to know each other.

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