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Towne Health proudly serves more than 300 leading healthcare institutions from the Cleveland Clinic to Massachusetts General, from the Mayo Clinic to Michigan University Healthcare. Our teams are immersed in the healthcare environment and deliver exceptional patient experiences while managing the movement of people and equipment in the safest, most compassionate and efficient manner.

While our healthcare system is at the core of managing the significant health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all feel the responsibility to do our part and play a role in the national response. We are proud to partner and serve alongside these leading institutions to address their rapidly increasing needs safely and effectively.

A trusted partner

Towne Health is committed to be a trusted partner for your patients and caregivers, ensuring your hospital has the resources to provide the highest level of care in the most efficient, safe and flexible environment. Towne Health now delivers a range of mission critical, non-clinical services specifically developed for the urgent needs of the healthcare community today and into the future.

Our service offerings now include:

  • Valet Screeners. Our valet teams are trained on approved, proven practices for screening patients prior to taking possession of their vehicles, ensuring patient safety and reassuringly diverting visitors for more intensive medical screening if necessary.
  • Greeter Screeners. Our greeters now serve dual roles as patient health screeners by expanding the role of current greeters or providing new resources.
  • Sanitizing Services/Light Maintenance Ambassadors. Team members can enhance facility cleaning processes including sanitizing surfaces in public areas, removing waste, and sanitizing entrances, garage/lot facilities, shuttles and transport vehicles. We will keep your non-clinical arrival areas operating efficiently in a clean and safe environment.
  • Internal Patient Transport (IPT). Towne Health’s proven IPT capabilities enable your hospital to optimize efficiency and patient experience by safely and compassionately moving patients throughout your campus. Services can begin at the moment of arrival through to the time of discharge including wheelchair escort, movement from patient rooms to clinician appointments and testing areas, and transfer to discharge.
  • Patient Sitting Ambassadors (PSAs). Towne Health provides specially trained, compassionate resources to remain beside with patients during observation and recovery, freeing up clinical staff to focus on the highest priority responsibilities while ensuring continuous, reassuring and knowledgeable patient support.
Patient screening services

Of course, Towne Health continues to provide our partners with our traditional services:

  • Valet Parking: with special attention to sanitizing vehicles and employee/patient safety
  • Self-Parking Management: maintaining your assets, sanitizing public areas, cashier services
  • Shuttle Services: providing safe, reliable transport, from golf carts to shuttle bus assets

Towne Health is here to serve you, your patients, your staff and your communities in this moment when we all need to work together to ensure the finest delivery of care while maintaining clean, safe environments at the highest possible levels. Our teams are ready to be of service and can adapt to any of your unique requirements. Please let us know how Towne Health can be of service as a trusted partner in supporting your team and patients.

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