Your Employees Need Support

Attracting the best researchers, outstanding nurses, or inner-city or remote hospital staff is a challenge – but recruitment only the first step. Cultivating a work environment where employees are more engaged and satisfied leads to lower recruitment, retention and training costs. Moreover, studies have shown satisfied employees pay it forward to their patients, who then become more satisfied and loyal, as a result.

Making concierge services available to your hospital employees frees up their time to provide better clinical care to their patients – especially if they are able to provide your staff with a better work/life balance by handling nonclinical tasks and personal errands.

How We Can Help Improve Their Lives

Our healthcare employee concierges support your staff by taking care of nonclinical tasks, such as restocking supplies, making pharmacy runs, booking patient appointments, ordering food, helping set up conferences, etc. We can also support them by shouldering the burden of time-consuming personal tasks, like mailing items, handling automotive errands (car washes, oil changes, body work), booking travel, picking up dry cleaning, ordering food, shopping (groceries, scrubs, etc.) and much more.

With Towne Health concierges on your side, we can help you go the extra mile for your employees and your patients.

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