Your Turnkey Hospital Shuttle Service

Managing complex parking settings – such as remote lot transportation or parking detours due to construction – in a way that is convenient for patients and employees alike can be a daunting challenge. Whether operating our vehicles or utilizing your existing transportation assets, Towne Health’s hospital shuttle services and fleet management programs are both patient-friendly and cost-effective – providing you with the unparalleled control and flexibility you require to:

  • Provide an on-time shuttle service program
  • Increase traffic flow
  • Improve patient, visitor and employee satisfaction

Dedication to Safety and Compliance

When it comes to safety, we don’t leave anything to chance. After all, it only takes one accident to inflict injury or cause damage. Not only do we keep detailed safety and maintenance records, we are proactive in ensuring all of our drivers meet Department of Transportation requirements, as well as our own – which are more rigorous and thorough. In addition, whereas competitors may only perform a single background check on drivers, we run recurring checks on an annual basis.

Our Fleet Scales to Meet Your Needs

With over two decades of experience and close to 300 different active shuttle operations across the nation, we know that hospitals come in diverse settings, configurations and sizes. So we take the time to get to know your hospital, your physical plant and your constraints, in order to develop an effective solution that seamlessly integrates with your current operations.

Whether you need a fleet of 5 vehicles or 50, we can scale up or down, based on your hospital’s changing needs. Options include golf carts (two to eight passengers); passengers (sedans/SUVs/limousines); vans (mini/standard/walk-in); buses (small/medium/large); and trucks (pick-up and box).

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