A Seamless Transportation Experience

A patient, visitor, or staff member’s experience doesn’t always begin at the door of your hospital. For some, it begins at the door of your shuttle. Our expertly-run, DOT-compliant shuttle services ensure the all-important first impression is consistently a great representation of your brand.

Scalable, On-Brand Solutions

With Towne Health managing your shuttle service, you can lift the time-consuming burden of maintaining and servicing a fleet, and staffing it with vetted, qualified drivers. We take care of all the details and go the extra-mile to make the service an extension of your brand by offering custom options like vehicle wrapping and alternative fuels.

Safe & Sound

In addition to being DOT and ADA-compliant and conducting pre-trip vehicle screenings, our extensive driver and passenger safety program includes training, monthly driver road tests and driver MVR reviews.

Clean, Convenient & Pleasurable

We run shuttle services with the same emphasis on compassion and safety. In fact, our shuttle drivers receive the same elevated level of service training, in addition to their comprehensive and ongoing safety training. Plus, we offer vehicle tracking and wait-time notifications—a touch that enhances your patient, visitor and employees’ experience.

Increased Efficiency, Decreased Costs

Our vehicle operation and maintenance tracking solutions help extend the life of your fleet. We also offer an alternative to lease vehicles instead of owning them outright that can provide overall savings to your organization. In addition, we offer route optimization capabilities to further minimize fuel and maintenance costs, and reduce wait times.

Largest shuttle operator
in North America

operating 300 shuttles across 100 locations

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