Concierge Support Puts Your Patients at Ease

For most who come through your doors, a trip to the hospital is rarely planned. As a result, your patients and their families often find themselves without necessities, left to navigate the unfamiliar maze of your hospital or healthcare facility.

A centralized, patient-focused concierge service can help those seeking your care to feel more at ease at your healthcare facility. In fact, by providing a few simple amenities, such as a cell phone charger or assistance with ordering flowers, you can significantly enhance the experience a patient or a family member has during their stay.

About Towne Health Patient Concierge Services

From information desk and waiting room attendants, to greeters and lobby ambassadors, our warm, welcoming concierge support staff become experts on your facility, as well the surrounding community. They comfort patients in a foreign place by supplying essentials, including books and reading glasses, or assistance in the form of directions, and more. They also support family members, who may be just as disoriented, by furnishing them with information, as well assistance with car rentals, hotel reservations, balloons and gifts.

No matter the setting, however, Towne Health concierge associates become a seamless extension of your healthcare facility through tailored solutions and customized trainings designed around your unique standards of care, your mission and your objectives.

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