For Patients Who Require A Companion

For patients with complex cases or special needs, one-on-one observation from an experienced, non-clinical professional can be critical, when fall prevention or behavior monitoring is necessary. Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities are forced to use their nursing staff to provide this one-to-one care. This takes the nurses away from their clinical duties, can compromise patient care, and is expensive. The Sitter is responsible for sitting with and observing an assigned patient under the supervision of a nurse. The sitters receive training that includes a handbook, video which teaches about understanding agitation, a power point presentation about escalating behavior and what that looks like, and a post-test.

We Provide The Non-Clinical Staff You Need

At Towne Health, we are experts at staffing for non-clinical positions with professionals who are service-oriented, empathetic and embody a patient-first mentality. Under the supervision of your nursing staff, we provide the personnel you need, so you can support your patients without having to draw from your pool of clinical employees.
As a seamless extension of your mission and your standards of care, our trained non-clinical staff can help relieve the burden on your nurses, as well as your budget.

Monthly Proof of Performance Dashboards

At Towne Health, we understand how to measure and improve patient logistics. Our managers are trained to follow a pattern of management that is based on continuously improving workflow processes. They will also provide you with a monthly Proof of Performance dashboard, which covers productivity, quality of service and delay management metrics.

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