We’ll Be by Your Patients’ Side

For patients who require special attention or round-the-clock observation, count on our patient sitters. These specially trained team members provide attentive 1:1 support and monitoring, working at the direction of your clinical staff, supporting quality of care and your team. Our patient sitters provide kind, responsive care that makes patients and their loved ones feel supported.

Relieve Staffing Challenges

Our patient sitters allow clinical staff to focus on medical care while balancing workloads and overtime. You’ll no longer have to pull nurses from clinical duties to fulfill patient monitoring or pay overtime to fill this important role within your hospital, relieving staffing challenges and having a positive effect on quality of care and budget.

Decrease Risk & Improve Outcomes

With a dedicated set of eyes and ears, it’s easier to catch potential complications early or avert setbacks like falls, reducing recovery times.

Dedicated & Specially Trained

Our patient sitters undergo extensive HIPAA training, Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions training and AIDET training.

Please let us know how Towne Health can be of service as a trusted partner in supporting your team and patients.


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