South Florida Local Leadership Announcements

South Beach FLA brand new crop of leaders are making their mark in South Florida!  Check out the movers and shakers below…

Noel Rodriguez, Account Manager | Mandarin Oriental

It was clear the Account Manager tasked with taking over the Mandarin Oriental had big shoes to fill, and Noel Rodriguez was just the man for the job!  In less than a year as Account Manager, Noel spent 2013 learning his craft through the guidance of his peers and it’s paying off with a big year in 2014!

Yasmani Gonzalez, Assistant Account Manager | Mandarin Oriental

Yasmani, or “Manny,” also hit the ground running in 2014 following his time as the Lead GSC of 2013’s South Florida Team of the Year, leading his team to a full year of 100% Mystery Shop scores.  SAY WHAT!?  Yes a PERFECT YEAR of shops at a valet only property that parked 30,000 vehicles in the heart of Downtown Miami.  Wow!

Just watching Manny in action as a GSC was like witnessing Picasso paint or Daniel Day Lewis sink deeply into character; it just felt natural.  It was that Service Artistry and Leadership ability that led Manny to be hand-selected as the only hourly employee to join a task force team sent to Austin, Texas to present the new leaders with what we felt was the embodiment of Towne Park service.  It’s been as clear as day that Manny was acting as if he was in the Assistant Account Manager role and, wouldn’t you know, two weeks later he was selected as Assistant Account Manager of his home site at Mandarin Oriental Miami!  It’s hard not to be excited about his path.

Kevin Ferrer, Account Manager | Marriott Complex Miami Airport

Kevin joined the Towne Park family as an external hire from New Orleans, where he served as an Area Manager for another parking company.  Kevin has a resume that rivals senior leaders, but he understood the need to make his name known first… and  Kevin’s shoulder HAS TO be sore from how long he has had his hand up volunteering for any and all responsibilities. After only a month serving as a Guest Service Coordinator at the Pompano Marriott Hotel, he accepted the Account Manager role at the Complex.  You may not know it, but the Complex in Miami and the Marriott in Pompano Beach aren’t exactly neighbors, and the uncertainty of a new city would have left most people happy to wait for a local opportunity… but not Kevin.  With his passion to succeed, financial acumen and service background, the Complex is a match made in heaven, and he stepped up and gladly accepted this opportunity.


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