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Optimize Your Parking & Drive New Revenue

Easy-to-Use Contactless Parking System.

Create a new source of high margin revenue with T-Park, a parking software solution with no requirements for capital or operating investment, no management oversight, and no cost to you.

T-Park: Easy-to-Use Contactless Parking System
T-Park: Earn new revenue from the first day

What Makes T-Park the Premium Solution for Parking Optimization?

With T-Park you will maximize your parking and revenue while delivering a seamless and contactless customer experience.

  • Zero costs to you and unlimited financial return.
  • No equipment or installation required, or management fees.
  • You will maximize new revenue and profitability with T-Park from day one.

The Most Convenient
Way to Pay for Parking

T-Park is efficient, easy to implement and completely customizable. It’s also easy to use – both for your customers and you.

A Seamless Way to
Park & Pay

No Lines. No Tickets. No Apps. Just Scan, Pay & Go.

T-Park provides a simple, convenient and contactless experience for parkers – no waiting in line to pay, no app to download, no fumbling for tickets. Customers simply enter the lot, find a spot, and scan the QR code or text with their mobile device to seamlessly pay for parking. Users can even extend parking sessions remotely!

And it’s a seamless experience for you. Getting started with T-Park is easy. We handle all the details – including revenue collection, start-up and enforcement – making monetizing and managing your parking asset turnkey.

Simple. Easy. Effortless.

Text or Scan, Pay and On Your Way.

Text or Scan, Pay and On Your Way.

T-Park Provides Parking Management
& Payment Enforcement

Payment Enforcement

T-Park provides multiple payment enforcement options including:

Automated License Plate Recognition (LPR) — Cameras identify vehicles that don’t pay for parking and T-Park automatically processes and issues citations and invoices to the parkers home via DMV integration. No on-site staff needed.

Manual Enforcement – Visual inspection of the parking facility against registered vehicles. Data is captured on a handheld device and T-Park automatically processes and issues citations and invoices to the parkers home via DMV integration.

Proactive Management

T-Park ensures you are getting the most from your parking asset. Real-time data and analytics and key performance information help you enhance your parking operation and fully leverage T-Park’s features, such as dynamic pricing and inventory utilization so you can optimize demand and revenue.

No Infrastructure

There is no investment in physical equipment like gates and ticket machines. Towne Park supplies all equipment, hardware, and software. All upgrades and development are provided for you.


T-Park Parking Management for Hotels


T-Park provides a completely seamless experience. T-Park is the only solution with fully integrated PMS capabilities with all parking charges automatically applied to hotel room bills, creating a  seamless process from end-to-end. Guests simply park at the hotel, register their vehicle using their mobile device, and they are good to go. T-Park recognizes hotel loyalty programs, tiered and special pricing plans.

T-Park Parking Management for Sports & Entertainment Venuesent for Hotels

Sports & Entertainment Venues

When it comes to big events, parking can be a frustrating experience. With T-Park, no waiting in line to enter or pay an attendant, and no exchange of cash. It’s as easy as entering the lot, finding a spot, scanning a code or texting to pay and off they go! When the event is over, departure times are significantly reduced with the prepaid digital payment.

It’s easier for you too! No staff to manage, no equipment maintenance, you’ll maximize revenue capture, and you’ll have happy visitors.

T-Park Parking Management for Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts

Looking for new sources of revenue and haven’t previously charged visitors for parking, T-Park the solution for you. With no equipment, no staff required and no investment, you can maximize your parking asset while providing a seamless and personal experience for visitors.

Guests will enjoy a parking experience without stopping at a kiosk, waiting in line, or a need for additional resort staff. T-Park also recognizes Season Pass holders with the right parking rate automatically.

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