Create New Revenue from Your Parking Asset

T-Park is our easy-to-use gateless, digital self-parking system that pays you on day one, and has no requirements for capital or operating investment and no management oversight. We are dedicated to your success and pay 100% of the start-up costs, and you benefit from immediate revenue from your parking asset.

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An End-to-End Smart Parking Solution

With T-Park’s robust data and analytics capabilities, revenue optimization tools and expert parking management team to optimize performance and profitability, you can be sure you will get the most out of your parking operation.

Tech Features & Enablers

  • Payment enforcement
  • Auto-reconciliation
  • Hotel PMS integration for seamless payment options
  • Real-time inventory management and spot availability
  • Dedicated client success partner
  • 24/7 call center support

As your revenue share partner, we will optimize and predict demand to meet revenue goals, and we pay 100% of all costs and only see a profit when you make money. 

Revenue Optimization Tools

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Rate optimization
  • Premium parking
  • Online parking inventory distribution

Maximizing Parking Revenue at Airport Hotels

Curious about how we assisted two hotels in generating an extra $20,000 monthly revenue with an 80% profit margin?

Dive into our case study to learn how Towne Park’s expertise, fused with vital market data, can strategically enhance your pricing strategy and drive revenue.

An Easy Way to Park & Pay

Park. Text. Pay. Go.

T-Park is an innovative mobile parking solution that provides a convenient, contactless experience for parking operators and their customers. No waiting in line to pay, no app to download, and no fumbling for tickets. Customers simply enter the lot, find a spot, and scan the QR code or text with their mobile device to seamlessly pay for parking. Users can even extend parking sessions remotely!

Pull into the lot and park. T-Park signage provides simple instructions on how to pay.

Scan the QR code or text the lot number with your mobile device.

Click the link and enter in your license plate and phone number.

Provide payment information.

Complete your payment and off you go!

Earn New Revenue from Parking & Maintain Guest Satisfaction

hotel satisfaction impact from paid parking

Based on nearly one million parkers using
T-Park in 2022, Trip Advisor comments demonstrate that guest satisfaction is not impacted when paid parking is implemented, and is greater than 99% satisfied!

While parking has long been cited as one of the most important hotel amenities, the Journal of Travel Research reports that guests who pay for hotel parking did not report lower levels of satisfaction versus guests who receive complimentary parking – creating a great opportunity for hotels to drive additional revenue from paid parking without impacting guest satisfaction!

Success with T-Park

Paradox Hotel

Independent California Resort

  • Utilized T-Park to implement paid parking charges for the first time.
  • Immediate new revenue stream of $5.66 in RevPAR.
  • Annualized result for the client is $340k new revenue, $272k new profit.

Texas Corporate Hotel

  • Existing revenue stream generating less than $1 in RevPAR. Replaced legacy gated system with T-Park.  
  • Immediate improvement for the client is $327k in revenue lift, $285k in profit lift.

Destination Entertainment Brand

  • Utilized T-Park to create an optional parking “upgrade” with closest 50-100 spaces across 12 initial locations. First step in transitioning to full paid parking.
  • Annualized result for the client is $6.4m new revenue, $4.3m new profit.

Why Towne Park?

A Trusted Parking Partner for 35+ Years

Our comprehensive suite of tech-enabled parking, mobility, and hospitality support solutions delivers maximized revenue for our clients. When you partner with Towne Park, you can be confident that we will deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solutions while driving new revenue for you, resulting in enhanced financial performance and increased customer satisfaction.

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