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T-Park: A Seamless Way to Park

Marriott Suites Dallas


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Marriott Suites Dallas managed their self-parking using the honor system. When the pandemic began, the General Manager of the hotel began supervising the parking operation, allowing him to get a better understanding of the operation and where there were opportunities to improve and enhance the experience for guests and revenue for the hotel.

With this added attention, the GM recognized opportunities to run their parking more effectively. When he learned about T-Park, he recognized the opportunity to deliver an even better guest experience while growing hotel profit with a more structured parking payment system.

Marriott Suites Dallas has realized a 100% increase in revenue.

revenue-chart: T-Park: A Seamless Way to Park

After hearing about T-Park’s ability to automatically integrate with their hotel PMS (payment management system) and payment enforcement services, they were sold. Other providers had presented similar solutions, but none had the premium capabilities with the fully integrated PMS, enforcement, and auto-reconciliation as T-Park. And to top it off, they could start up quickly with no investment, no equipment to purchase or staff to hire. With T-Park they could get a simple, easier, more seamless process that wouldn’t require a major investment or additional staff, but ensure all revenue is captured.

In the three months since implementing T-Park, the ease of use and parking enforcement significantly increased parking revenue, and provided an effortless solution for guests that improved parking payment compliance.

By effectively taking advantage of all T-Park has to offer – the PMS interface, enforcement services, along with proactive guest education and engagement, the Marriott Suites Dallas has realized a 100% increase in revenue versus 2019. In addition, with the data and analytics capabilities and expertise from the T-Park staff, they continue to learn how to get the most out of the parking operation while ensuring the best experience for each guest that visits the hotel.

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