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Gateless Parking:
Everything You Need to Know

Maximize Your Parking Profit, Optimize the Customer Experience with T-Park®

T-Park is an easy-to-use contactless digital parking system that enables customers to scan a QR code or send a text to pay for parking using their mobile device. A simple, easy, and profitable parking solution that requires no capital or operating investment, and no start-up cost.

T-Park: Easy-to-Use Contactless Parking System

Text or Scan, Pay & On Your Way:

  • Parkers pull into the lot and park. T-Park signage provides simple instructions to pay digitally
  • Scan the QR code or text the number with a mobile device
  • Tap the link to enter license plate number and phone number
  • Provide payment information and that’s it. No gates, no lines, and no paper tickets.

A comprehensive smart parking system:

Automated PMS System Integration: Seamless integration with hotel PMS systems with parking charges automatically transferred to guest room folio

Proactive Management: Real-time data and analytics and performance information help you enhance your parking operation and fully leverage T-Park’s features

No Infrastructure: No investment in physical equipment like gates or ticket machines. Towne Park supplies all equipment and hardware

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