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Simple, Easy-to-use Parking Management Software

Maximize your parking profit and optimize the customer experience with T-Park™, an innovative parking optimization system that provides a convenient, contactless experience for parking facility owners and your customers.


A Comprehensive Smart Parking System

With T-Park you get:

Payment Enforcement

Multiple payment enforcement options including Automated License Plate Recognition (LPR) where cameras identify vehicles that don’t pay for parking or Manual Enforcement that includes a visual inspection of the parking facility against registered vehicles and tracks using a handheld device. T-Park automatically processes and issues citations and invoices to the parkers home via DMV integration.

Auto Reconciliation

Reduces revenue leakage by automatically reconciling reported revenues against what was charged.

Real Time Inventory Management

Real time spot availability insights allow owners to more effectively understand and plan parking usage and demand.

Data & Analytics

Industry-leading data and analytics provide critical insights into your operation and identify opportunities to further optimize your asset.

Parking Program Integrations

T-Park supports monthly and employee parking programs and integrates seamlessly with parking aggregators

When You Choose T-Park, You Receive:

All equipment, including software and hardware


All necessary signage so users easily know what to do and how to pay


Ongoing maintenance and transaction fees


All monthly hosting fees

Ongoing upgrade and development costs


Flexible monitoring & enforcement solutions aligning with your brand


The latest in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance


Call Center Support 24/7

We handle the details. You earn from the first day.

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