Towne Health is Awesome. Here’s Proof!

Dillon and Twanna receiving their Awesome Awards

Dillon (L) and Twanna (R) receiving their Awesome Awards

Two Towne Health associates received Alton Memorial Hospital’s “Awesome” Award last month!

For an associate to receive an Awesome Award, a patient has to nominate them for outstanding customer service and make a donation to the hospital on their behalf. Our two winners are Twanna Washington (her second Awesome Award), and Dillon Lane (his first).

Additionally, Alton Memorial will feature our Awesome associates in their newsletter and highlight Towne Health’s Awesome valet service in the upcoming issue of House Calls (an internal booklet).

Way to be Awesome Twanna and Dillon!

Submitted by Mitch Bagby, Account Manager & Curtis Moore, Account Manager

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