Towne Health Valet Saves The Day!


Beau Benton-Neilson

The day-to-day activities for a valet are never routine.  Sure, we have our regulars, but we have to remain flexible and “on the lookout” for opportunities to assist our guests and patients. For Legacy Emanuel Guest Service Coordinator Beau Benton-Neilson, one such opportunity went well above the call of duty.

While on lunch one day, Beau noticed commotion across the street and saw smoke rising from the engine compartment of a vehicle parked next to one of the main hospital entrances. There were several people standing around the vehicle, and as he began to make his way over to it, a person in the crowd popped the hood.

Knowing that opening the hood could only make a fire grow faster, Beau rushed over in an effort to prevent the crowd from literally fanning the flame.

It was too late.

When Beau arrived at the scene, he instructed the individuals attempting to douse the flames with bottles of water to step back and get away from the vehicle.  After clearing the patients away from the vehicle, Beau ran into the main building to grab the nearest fire extinguisher and returned to an engine now fully engulfed in flame. After being notified that security had been called, Beau proceeded to use the fire extinguisher to suppress the flames until security arrived to assist in putting the fire out. At this point, Beau simply gave his statement and proceeded to head back to work.

While following up with the Security Director that afternoon, I was able to watch the events unfold via the security cameras. In the footage, you can see Beau react and pinpoint the exact moment he was able to suppress the blaze. He acted without hesitation to protect both the hospital and the patients involved. His quick reaction prevented escalation and was completely selfless in nature.

Security was so thankful for his actions that they gave Beau several movie passes. I am proud to call Beau a member of my team as day in and day out, he shows he is Driven To Serve.


Submitted by Joe Dent, Account Manager

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