Towne Park has Piedmont Pride!

LBOn a recent visit to Piedmont Medical Center, Healthcare South VP Brooks Ellis spent a day on-site at Piedmont Medical Center with Assistant Account Manager, Lori Becker.  In his own words, Brooks was kind enough to share what he learned during his visit.

While I knew that Lori was doing a wonderful job leading her concierge services team at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, I had no idea the degree to which she led by example in her role. Lori is a shining example of the sustainable Competitive Advantage that Towne Health has in our healthcare services: our people.


As I entered the main entrance of the hospital, I was able to observe the warm welcome and bright smile Lori offers to every incoming patient and visitor.  She knew many of the patients well, which was evident by the personal level of communication and the family feel of the lobby environment. Lori joked back and forth with one returning patient, compassionately directed an incoming visitor that was there to see a loved one and welcomed everyone  else that entered her lobby. Lori’s ability to handle the environment so effectively with so much going on at once was impressive and I immediately wondered how much of this perfected patient interaction would be exhibited by the rest of the Towne Health staff on-site.


Lori called for another concierge to take her place so she could continue our tour of the rest of the facility.  To my surprise, the replacement Concierge, Connie, was nearly as welcoming, compassionate and personable as Lori! Lori and I walked the halls of Piedmont and scores of hospital employees greeted Lori with the warmth of an old friend; some even hugged her as she passed. This was the case for housekeepers, physicians, engineers, security and especially Nurse Betty, who has been at Piedmont for 62 years! It was clear that Lori was a part of the Piedmont family. Soon, I met with Hannah and Veronica, both of which were a mirror image of the warmth and compassion Lori exhibited.


I quickly learned that Lori does an amazing job caring for the patients and visitors at Piedmont, not only through her own actions but also through the assembly of a great team of individuals supporting her. I also found that I was clearly not the only one to realize this as I read through the ‘Piedmont Pulse,’ the Medical Center’s quarterly publication. To my surprise, I found a familiar smile on page four. Lori was selected as an employee of the month amongst a few other hospital employees! What an honor to be represented by such a great individual and such a great team. Towne Health is fortunate, and I am very proud, to have Lori serving alongside her amazing team at Piedmont Medical Center. Thank you all for everything you do in Advancing The Patient Experience every day!

Piedmont Pride

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