Towne Park Introduces T-Park, the Premium Gateless Parking Technology Solution

T-Park is the only parking solution fully integrated with most hotel Property Management Systems

Philadelphia, PA (August 5, 2021) – Towne Park, a leading hospitality and mobility solutions provider, today announced the availability of its new SaaS self-parking system, T-Park. This premium solution requires no installation of equipment, no on-site staff, no investment and can start up quickly providing immediate new sources of revenue.

“T-Park is the premier gateless, digital self-parking solution.” said Jack Chang, Towne Park Chief Technology Officer. “While there may be other products available, our team has invested in the development of a range of advanced features for owners to fully optimize their parking asset while providing a superior user experience.”

T-Park is the only solution with fully automated hotel Property Management System (PMS) integration enabling overnight guest parking charges to be automatically posted to the room folio for the most convenient and seamless solution.

T-Park’s advanced features include:

  • Automated PMS Integration – T-Park integrates with all hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) for a streamlined payment experience
  • Payment Enforcement with License Plate Recognition cameras (LPRs) to identify vehicles that did not pay for parking and automatically processes and issue citations and invoices
  • Real-Time Inventory Management allows operators to plan and understand parking usage and demand more effectively
  • Industry Leading Data & Analytics provide critical insights into parking systems
  • Premium Parking & Pricing allows for pricing adjustments
  • Parking Reservation Integration automatically recognizes users who purchase parking through online aggregators.
  • Loyalty Programs Integration including hotel brand programs, casino players clubs, ski resort season pass holders, sporting event season ticket holders, and more.

T-Park is also a convenient, contactless, and seamless solution for consumers. The parker simply enters the lot, finds a spot, follows the instruction on the in-lot signage to scan the QR code or text with their mobile device to digitally pay for their parking. There are no lines to enter the lot or pay, no app to download, no fumbling for tickets and users can even extend their parking session remotely. T-Park supports a variety of interfaces and a wide range of popular payment platform options.

To learn more about T-Park and connect with an expert visit our web site at

Towne Park is the premier multi-market, multi-service hospitality and mobility solutions provider supporting leading hotels, healthcare institutions and residential properties nationwide. Our employees across the country deliver world-class service experiences for our clients and the millions of guests, patients, and visitors we proudly serve.

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