Towne Park nominated for “Smiley Pete” Award in Downtown Lexington

Smiley Pete

Smiley Pete

Towne Park was as happy as a dog with two tails after learning our team at the Hilton in Downtown Lexington, KY was nominated for Lexington’s prestigious “Smiley Pete” Award.  The award, named in honor of a mutt loved by all who made the streets of Downtown Lexington his home, honors the organization, business or individual that positively impacts Downtown Lexington and makes it a more attractive place for locals and visitors.

Follow the jump to find Towne Park’s nomination, submitted by the family of a longtime resident of the Hilton Hotel!

To: The Members of the Downtown Lexington Corporation


September 5, 2013


It is our honor and privilege to nominate Towne Park for the Smiley Pete Award, given to the organization that has the greatest impact on how people feel about Downtown Lexington.


“Driven to Serve” is the national motto of this partner, Towne Park, to the Hilton Downtown Lexington Hotel. When Towne Park arrived on 11/01/11, it was obvious their service was going to be different… And, it was!


Patrons are greeted by friendly, clean-cut attendants in uniforms who are eager, courteous and willing to help guests.  Going above and beyond seems to be a prerequisite for the job. It is their obvious confidence and self-assurance that helps their patrons quickly trust Towne Park to handle their cars with respect.  Attendants never fail to help drivers and passengers enter and exit the car by opening the doors and extending a helpful hand; and they ask and are willing to help load and unload trunks or backseats, if that service is needed.  They are ever-ready and knowledgeable about the how and where guests are to self-park, while their valet services are more than outstanding.  They are also helpful in locating Bluegrass attractions and shopping venues, giving directions and even making a dining recommendation – all while being sincerely hospitable and polite when welcoming guests to Lexington and to the Hilton.


As residents of the Hilton, coming and going about our own daily routine.  We have observed that Towne Park not only gives visitors great services, they extend these same excellent services to the residents.  Towne Park has selected polite, upstanding people as members of their staff.   We have gotten to know both the day and the night shifts, and the managers for both.  We have noticed that these employees are supportive and caring of each other, while complimenting each other in their duties.  They all seemingly get along, and have respect for each other as well as their managers.  This is definitely teamwork at its best as each member of the team knows their job and executes it expertly, even when last minute emergency situations occurred and “outside the box” thinking was in order.


As our representatives for Downtown Lexington, the men and women of Towne Park have excelled in their passion for their job, especially in the last nine months while the Hilton Downtown Lexington Hotel’s garage has undergone major renovations.  In January of 2012, for the safety of all, valet parking was offered to all patrons, residents and visitors alike.   More Towne Park employees were hired, obviously trained, and willingly accepted their responsibilities knowing that parking spaces could be in lots down the street, or at greater distances.  As the months passed and construction continued, traditional events were booked and new ones added as the valet parking attendants were honorable in fulfilling their duties.  They worked long days and nights, through what seemed to be the longest and coldest winter I could remember, and not once did the teams falter, even when parking was only available at a distance and the temperatures were near freezing!


When we read the Downtown Lexington Corporation Newsletter explaining the various awards, it dawned on my family and I that, as residents of the Hilton, these “men and women of Towne Park” were the first and last impression visitors to Lexington would encounter.  They are our ‘ambassadors’ to so many who visit our beautiful city during the year.


It is with great pleasure that we nominate all of the men and women of Towne Park as recipients of the Smiley Pete Award!

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