Towne Park Volunteers at Lighthouse Shelter

Towne Park Associates Serve Dinner to Ligthhouse Shelter Clients in Annapolis

On Tuesday, June 21, Towne Park volunteers provided and served dinner to the “clients” of The Lighthouse Shelter, a local Annapolis facility that provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, a resource and support center, and homeless day shelter. Volunteers included: Rebecca Rothschild, Matt Cahill, Rick Sorrells, Rita Hinkel, Kristen Zick, Tricia Wetzel, Sarah Altman, Ruth Levin, Jill Farschman, and Cindy Wetzel.

Kathleen Lalor, Tracey Tinker and Casey Walker helped plan and organize the event, which everyone agreed was a success. It was a great evening filled with great food and great people! The menu consisted of lasagna, bread, salad and fruit for dessert and clients of The Lighthouse Shelter came up for extra helpings.

During the month of May, a Change for Charity jar was placed at the front desk, and a total of $169 was collected. The money raised was used to purchase the food served at the shelter, so thank you to all who donated. Matt has graciously pledged to match this amount.  

Serving Clients

The Volunteers

Prep Cooks


The following are some volunteer testimonials about the event:

“It was very heartwarming to help those people in need at the shelter. They are very kind and thankful people. I had a great time serving dinner to them and it was definitely an uplifting experience! I would also like to add that one of the clients said that we were the most professional looking group that he’s ever seen in that kitchen! We definitely Made It Matter!”

– Tricia Wetzel, Administrative Assistant

“This was my first experience volunteering at a homeless shelter, I didn’t know what to expect or what I would take from the event. I must say, the simplest acts my fellow coworkers and I performed were clearly appreciated by everyone at The Lighthouse Shelter! There was a young man that continually thanked Matt Cahill and the rest of the “front line” servers for the delicious lasagna that, in his book was “12 stars”. Just to see the smiling faces on some of the clients was gratitude enough for me to definitely return to the Lighthouse Shelter in the near future!”

-Sarah Altman, Benefits Administrator

“Meeting the residents of The Lighthouse Shelter and serving them a nourishing dinner was such a valuable experience for me. I was moved by the fellowship with the residents and cherished the opportunity to engage in a small act of kindness with my Towne Park colleagues. I am proud to work for a company with genuine caring for the communities where we serve.”

– Jill Farschman, Director of Development and Communications

“The Lighthouse Shelter has great new facilities and wonderfully appreciative residents who were a pleasure to serve. This was a super experience that I highly recommend to all.”

-Rick Sorrells, Executive Vice President of Administration


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