Towne Park’s Kevin Howe named 2012 Manager of the Year at the Marriott Annapolis Waterfront

Towne Park is proud to announce that our own Kevin Howe, Account Manager at the Marriott Annapolis Waterfront, was named the hotel’s Manager of the Year for 2012.  Kevin maintained a level of excellence managing the hotel’s valet, yet unseen at the hotel, and this honor is a testament to Kevin and his team; not many other partners are named as the top manager.

As fellow Account Manager Paul Goldsholl of the Loews Annapolis said, “It goes to show that the Marriott Annapolis Waterfront views Mr. Howe as one of their own, the BEST of their own, rather than “the valet guy.”

For winning this award, Kevin was presented with a two night stay at any Marriott across the country.

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