Towne Park’s Poet Laureate of the West

pdxor_phototour46Kyle Noll, a Guest Service Coordinator at Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, is quite the poet – and his clients know it!

Kyle’s legendary sonnets are a regular part of the site’s Manager on Duty reports and have become an integral part of the fabric of the team.  Kyle has fun with his verses, the Hotel’s Manager loves them and his work is proudly displayed in the employee cafeteria for everyone to read.

What a great example of creative client engagement!

Brilliant Hosting Starts Here
Our Brilliant Hosting Moment

What to do, what to say.
Outside, it was another great day.
Birds chirped and children played.
All our guests had nice things to say.
Because excellent service is our forte!

Thursday was just fine.
A great day for the sun to shine.
Every car was brought up on time.
Every guest was sublime.

Another day in the Sun.
For many cars to run.
Our only situation,
Was guest admiration.
For our service was number 1!

All the cars were on LL3.
The garage was full, believe you me.
Some might be nervous, not we three.
We provided brilliant service, indubitably.

A beautiful Friday night,
Rush hour was heavy, steady, then light.
The moon became bright, and we managed the drive and staff just right.

This report you better believe.
This morning had cabs to be fetched and vehicles to retrieve.
Some guests with odd requests, which we happily met with ease.
Today was a breeze, with skies of blue…Valet was brilliant, this is true!

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